1. Identify:

»   Logo

»   School name:

- Vietnamese: Truong Dai Hoc Thu Dau Mot

Acronym: DH TDM

- English: Thu Dau Mot University

Acronym: TDMU

»   Training philosophy:  Knowledge-Development-Prosperity

»   Type of school:   Public school

»   Governing body:   The People's Committee of Binh Duong Province

2. History and development:

Formerly known as Binh Duong College of Pedagogy (from 1976 to 2009)-a prestigious pedagogy training foundation of Binh Duong Province, which provides the lecturer forces with high professional knowledge and enthusiasm for the younger generations.

Thu Dau Mot University was founded on June 24, 2009, following the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 900/QD/TTg. The missions of the School are training high-quality human resources to serve the socio-economic development of Binh Duong Province, the provinces of South-eastern region, the key economic zones of Southern region and the whole country; scientific researching, applications and transferring science and technology to provide products and services for the market.

Over 7 years of establishment and development, the School has been formed as a multidisciplinary institution by research-oriented. With the motto "Knowledge-Development-Prosperity", Thu Dau Mot University gradually confirms the status of high-quality training and scientific researching institution, which represents for the power of knowledge of Binh Duong Province.

About human resources, until 2016, the scientific staff of the University has 01 Professor, 13 Associate Professors, 88 Doctors, 449 Masters of Arts/Masters of Science, 75 Officers-Lecturers, who are domestic and international research students. In parallel with the construction of the scientific staffs, the School also enlists the supports of qualified science personnel of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi National University and Pedagogy University of Ho Chi Minh City…

About the training, Thu Dau Mot University concentrates to complete the construction of training programs, innovates teaching methods according to the CDIO initiative. In the August of 2015, the School was allowed officially by the Ministry of Education and Training to train masters, which marked an important development step of the School. Currently, the size of the school is 18.000 students, who learn and research in 6 postgraduate ology, 26 undergraduate academic ology, 6 college ology in the fields of Economics, Engineering, Natural sciences, Social sciences and humanities, Pedagogy. At present, the University is building high-quality training ology (100% training programs in English) to meet the needs of the international human resources and serve the needs of the integration.

About the scientific researches, with the strategy of building the School into a research-oriented university, Thu Dau Mot University invests strongly for the scientific research activities. One of the main programs, which have been implemented from the year 2015, is the Project of researching on the South-eastern region. The scheme aims to attach the scientific researching and training activities, with the economic and social realities of the South-eastern region; attach tightly between the scientific researches with the application deployments, between the training with the using of human resources of the requirements of the industrialization and modernization.

About the international cooperation, the School establishes the cooperation, linking training with over 30 educational units in the world; at the same time, the School concludes the cooperation to supply high-quality labor forces for foreign businesses, which are located on the areas of Binh Duong Province. Besides, from 2010, the School has supported to train for 30 Laos students, especially, in two majors: Economics and Information Technology, who are studying and researching at school.

In the development strategy up to 2020, Thu Dau Mot University strives to build training system, consists of 36 undergraduate academic ology, 22 master ology,9 doctor ology with the size of 15.100 students (University: 14.000, Master: 1.000, Postgraduate:100). The School will become a training foundation, which can keep pace with other reputable universities within the country and proceed to reach the standard of higher education in the areas and all over the world. By the year 2025, the proportion of the training industry-oriented research is 40% of the total training ology, progresses to reach the 60% rate (the proportion of the development-oriented research university)

(The information is updated up to May 2016)

3. Training foundations:

»   Current foundation:   No. 6, Tran Van On Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province. The campus of School is 7 hectares wide. This is the place for learning, studying of nearly 19.000 lecturers and students of School.

»   Foundation in progress:   located at My Phuoc Industrial Zone, Ben Cat District, with an area of 56.7 hectares, which is built modernly and integrates many functions to serve the training, researching assignments of School effectively in the future.


Develop-oriented research university and become the prestigious Research and Advisory Center of South-Eastern region, Southern key economic zone.


Provide high-quality human resources to serve the socio-economic development and international integration of Binh Duong Province, South-Eastern region and Southern key economic zone.


By the year 2020: Attain national standard.

By the year 2025: Attain AUN and international standard.

(Extracted the Text No.548/DHTDM-HC, dated November 13, 2015)

The School Managing Board of Thu Dau Mot University

1. The period from 1992 to 2009:

The School:

- Labor Medals: the Third Prize in 1997; the Second Prize in 2002

- Campaign medals for the cause of education: 59 individuals

- Campaign medal for the cause of defending homeland security: 01 individual

- Eminent teachers: 02

- Merits of the Prime Minister: 07 (05 individuals)

- Merits of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of the Interior: 04 (01 individual)

- Merits of the Ministry of Education and Training for units, collectives and individuals: 52

- Emulative soldiers at the provincial and grassroots levels: 390 turns for the teachers to receive this title

- Merits of the Provincial People’s Committee for units, collectives and individuals: 181

- Merits of the Department of Education and Training and the other departments, committees of the Province: 328

The School Union:

- Medals for the cause of union and the campaign medals: 14

- Merits of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor: 08 (02 individuals)

- Emulative flags of the Provincial Labor Federation: 02

- Merits of Vietnam Educational Union and the Provincial Labor Federation: 138

- There are also many other merits of the Provincial Education Union

The Youth Union:

- Labor Medal-Third Prize: 01

- Merit of the Prime Minister: 01

- Medals for the cause of education for the young generation of the Central

Youth Union: 05

- Campaign medals and medals of honor of the Central Youth Union: 03

- Emulative flags of the Central Youth Union: 02

- Merits of the Central Youth Union:02

- Merit of the Central Youth Federation: 01

- Merits of the Provincial People’s Committee: 06

- Merits of the Provincial Union: 09

- Merit of the High Command of the 7 th Military Region: 01

2. The period from 2009 to present:

The School:

- Labor Medal-First Prize: 01

- Merits of the Ministry of Public Security: 03

- Merits of the Provincial People’s Committee: 05

The Youth Union:

- Merits of Binh Duong People’s Committee: 05

- Merits of Tay Ninh People’s Committee: 02

- Merit of Dak Nong People’s Committee: 01

- Merit of the Central Youth Union: 01

- Merits of the Central Students Association: 05

- Merits of Binh Duong Youth Union: 05

- Merits of Tay Ninh Youth Union: 02

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