Thu Dau Mot University welcomed her to make the admission procedures in a beautiful and meaning sunny day-August 19, 2016. When the School knew about this special case, Dr. Ngo Hong Diep-The Vice-Rector-Head of the Faculty of Social Work, went to the area of the admission procedure to give the paper of the beginning of term for her, he also spent time to ask for her upcoming housing and activities plans. Furthermore, he encouraged her minds and affirmed that the School, the Faculty would always accompany her to make her years on the lecture theatre, would become the most beautiful and meaningful time periods.

Discussed the situation of Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu, the Director of Admissions Center and the Labor Market, Mr. Le Dang Hoa said that: “The new student Nguyen Thi Thu was always a good student in many years of her high school. With optimistic spirit, she tried her best to overcome her own disadvantages to learn, work and assert her as any other students. Respected the wills and the efforts of this girl, concurrently, based on the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training about the exceptional allowances for contestants, who have special circumstances to study at the School. Thu Dau Mot University exceptionally permitted Ms. Nguyen Thu to become a student of the Faculty of Social Work-the ology as her expectation.

Talked about the future, this girl with cheerful smiles shared: “My mother and I will rent a room near the School because it will be convenient for going to School. My mother will accompany me during the upcoming time. I have never felt alone, because my family and my friends always help, support and stay next to me. However, I know, next time I have to stand more on my feet and try harder, at least, I cannot make my parents worry and later, I can become the fulcrum of the people who I love”


“I have never felt alone because my family and friends always accompany me” Ms. Thu shared


Dr. Ngo Hong Diep (right edge) felt happy and proud when the Faculty of Social Work could have an energetic student like this girl


From Phu Giao District, his eldest brother-in-law accompanied her during the first day of the beginning of term

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