In the afternoon of June 1st, 2018, at the Hall 2 of Thu Dau Mot University, the 15th IBM CSC International Volunteer Program in Binh Duong was ended by a formal and meaningful closing ceremony. Attending the closing ceremony, there were the leaders of the departments, volunteer organizations, IBM organization in Vietnam and 14 international volunteers from various countries.

The 15th IBM CSC International Volunteer Program was held in Binh Duong from May 7th, 2018 to June 1st, 2018, aimed at contributing to promote the local economic development, gender equality, bring the deep and lasting impact to the society and community. In this phase, the 04 units of the Province, which received the support from IBM were: Center for Information Technology - Archives of Natural Resources and Environment (Department of Natural Resources and Environment), Provincial Employment Service Center (Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs), the Department of Health and Thu Dau Mot University.

At the closing Ceremony, the four groups of volunteers presented the working process and the achieved results at the assigned units. Accordingly, for nearly a month of the interaction, the IBM Delegation conducted a demand survey and consultancy, supported high capacity for the units; at the same time, the Delegation also offered solutions and consultancy in the processing and mining of large data from the available sources; analyzing and forecasting the job market in Binh Duong; intelligent university development strategies; technical solutions for connecting, extracting and linking output data at medical establishments; Information on environmental resources ...

For the University of Thu Dau Mot, IBM experts conducted to identify the scale of the model of intelligent Universities according to the Spectrum model, including 5 main components were: 1) The smart campus include the criterions: intelligent infrastructure conscious of environmental protection, social responsibility; 2) Smart people: Smart education and training; 3 Smart research: internal operations, diplomatic activities; 4) Smart management: external leadership, internal leadership, sustainable development; 5) Smart technology: data integration and circulation, infrastructure and technology. After defining the model of the smart universities, the IBM expert group conducted the surveys review the current state and the potentiation of the School, in the correlation with the criteria required of a smart University. Specifically, the Delegation organized 2 workshops on design thinking for the lecturers and students, 3 surveys geared to the audience of Lectures, staffs and students to collect data, at the same time, to grasp the perceptions of Lecturers and students about the current state of the School’s activities in various areas such as: training, scientific research, international cooperation, infrastructure conditions…

According to the reviews of the IBM Delegation, with the criteria of a Smart University model of Spectrum model, Thu Dau Mot University had many convenient starting points for the development of intelligent University strategy. To help the School to have firmly steps on the agenda of the strategic development of Smart University, the experts also put forward recommendations, which Schools needed to be made. In particular, the continuous improvements helped the School to study and find out what fields need to be improved during the operation: operational processes, strategic planning, innovation and course development, researching and teaching projects , and the elements to get successes of the students;

Shared at the closing Ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen- Vice-Rector of Thu Dau Mot University fully concurred with the assessments of the operation of the School according to the scales that IBM proposed; those raised recommendations would help the School leaders deploy the suitable educational development program in each of period. The Assoc. Prof. also sincerely thanked to the Delegation, at the same time emphasized the IBM CSC international volunteers Program from the first collaboration in 2017 to the second collaboration in 2018, which brought the impressive results as the expectations of the both Parties.

IBM expert Delegation reported the working results at Thu Dau Mot University

14 IBM volunteers performed the arts repertoire as a sincere thanks to the Units

The unit’s leaders received 15th CSC Program to give souvenir gifts for the volunteers

The 15th IBM CSC international volunteer Program in Binh Duong was ended happily by the solemn and meaningful closing Ceremony


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