At the Complimentary Ceremony for mature students of Tan Binh High School which was taken place on April 21, MA. Le Van Hai-Secretary of the Union of School was on behalf of Thu Dau Mot University, awarded 10 scholarships for poor students, who achieved high grades.

On this day, the last-year students of Tan Binh High School expressed their gratitude for their parents’ giving births and settled positions, and showed their spirits of venerations for the teachers. The representatives of former students, Thu Dau Mot University and Eastern International University, awarded 19 scholarships worth VND 25 million in total, for disadvantaged students. This is the biggest encouragement for these students to overcome the difficulties and continue to conquer their knowledge paths.

(The article consulted information on Binh Duong Newspaper,


MA. Le Van Hai respected the efforts of the poor students, who overcame their difficulties and achieved high study results


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