In the green summer campaign of Binh Duong Province 2018, in District of Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan Province, Thu Dau Mot University has awarded the playground for the children with the total of 50 million VND.

At the closing program of the campaign, which was held in the Hall of Phu Quy District People's Committee, Mr. Le Van Hai-Head of Student Affairs Office, School’s Union Secretary visited the students, who were doing volunteer works here, at the same time, awarded children's playground structures for Phu Quy District. With this practical and meaningful work, we hoped Island District's teenagers would have a fun, healthy space to play, contributing to care for the spiritual and material life of the difficult people in the islands of the Nation.

As the core force to make the mission to serve the community of Thu Dau Mot University, over the years, the students of Thu Dau Mot always promoted the volunteer role, contributed their youth to serve the people, especially the difficult local people. In the annual Green summer campaign, beside the volunteer student team to support the difficult people in outlying islands, the youth of Thu Dau Mot University also performed the significance works for the people as the children's playgrounds, Clean water sinks, ... with the total value, which was over 100 million VND.


School’s Union Secretary Le Van Hai with the soldiers of Thu Dau Mot University in the volunteer student team of Binh Duong Province in the District of Phu Quy Island

Together to create the playground for the children,

And this is the result


Quang Huy