A group of students of Seoul Women’s University, Korea has just had an exchanged trip with students of Thu Dau Mot University. Through the trip, the student of two countries Vietnam – Korea in general and two schools in particular had union, attachment, cement the friendship.

Mrs. Jo Jung Won, the representative of the Seoul Women’s University said, annual after the long vacation, school choses the typical students to come to the friend countries to participate in charity activities, cultural exchanges. This vacation, the school chose Vietnam is one of the countries to students come to exchange, participate in activities. The first destination is the Thu Dau Mot University. In Binh Duong, group got interesting experiences by participating in many meaningful activities such as: learning Vietnam – Korea communication class, organizing traditional games of two countries, volleyball exchanges, visiting historical relics of Binh Duong and Binh Duong New City, visiting and giving presents to children at Binh Duong social sponsor center, visiting Minh Sang Plaza shopping center. These activities helped to strengthen more the good sentiments between two schools, two countries Vietnam – Korea, leave students interesting experiences.

Students of two schools participate in Vietnam’s traditional games (Photo by N.Nhu)

Ms. Jong In, the student of the Seoul Women’s University said, “This is a very meaningful activity. It helps us learn about Vietnam’s culture, meet students are very nice. They welcome us very warmly”. Mrs. Jo Jung Won, the representative of the Seoul Women’s University shared, “We had a meaningful exchanges trip at the Thu Dau Mot University. We were touched before sentiments of teachers, and students. When we return, we will introduce your country to all people. We will miss all of you so much”.

MA. Nguyen Thi Nhat Hang, Vice President of the Thu Dau Mot University said, “Last time, although international situation has many changes, the relationship between Vietnam and Korea is always reinforced and developed. Especially, the cooperation relation between Binh Duong and Korea is more and more develop in all fields. Carrying out the program of international exchanges and cooperation of the Thu Dau Mot University and the interest of offices, departments in province, the Thu Dau Mot University is very pleased to welcome the group of lecturer and student of the Seoul Women’s Universities within the framework of the exchange program, learning experience exchange global. We hope that the two schools will have further developments in various fields, especial in the domain of learning as training association, student exchange”.

Ngoc Nhu (Binh Duong newspapers updated on January 12nd, 2016)