Thu Dau Mot University with 6 students, selected by the Foreign Languages Center and International Training, actively participated in all activities of the summer camp, bringing the image of young and enthusiastic people, confidence, good integration and understanding the national culture.

In 6 days of the program, the students of the Universities have experienced various activities such as attending Forest Day and Planting, Jewelry Making Day, Cooking Thailand food and processing food from local fruits, Learning to play golf, ... Each activity is thoughtfully designed, mobilizing human resources from the lecturers and students of the faculty that has helped to save costs and increase the effectiveness of the national connection. Through the exchange, the universities participating in the summer camp all agree to alternately organize annual camps at each school/country, gradually improving the quality of activities.

With the role of leading the delegation this time, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuoc Binh - lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages suggested: When hosting the camp in the following year, Thu Dau Mot University can completely bring about the experience of characteristic Vietnamese culture such as teaching basic Vovinam martial arts, basic drawing classes, basic Vietnamese for campers, experiencing traditional trades of Binh Duong province such as pottery making, knitting handicraft goods, ... The organization of such events is a good opportunity for students of the school to test organizational capacity, community working capacity, ability to connect resources to implement the assigned objectives and tasks, that can't be replaced by any theoretical lessons.


Young people are from many different countries, different cultures coming to this camp to integrate and experience an exciting summer together

Members from Thu Dau Mot University with good foreign language skills, adaptive skills, and integration had complete summer camps with other groups in friendship and cultural sharing.

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