"Incredible voice" is the theme of the introduction to the literary works of Russian author Svetlana Alexievich. These works were translated by translators Phan Xuan Loan and Pham Ngoc Thach, and shared with readers at the seminar.

The translator Phan Xuan Loan who spent a lot of time studying Russian literary works, especially, devoted a lot of love to the Russian contemporary literary genre because of its high humanity, lyrical and romantic nature, and deep realism. The translator shared that Russian literature is one of the rich and advanced literature of humanity, a brilliant achievement of the world's art, developed at the peak with typical representatives such as Alexander Pushkin, Ivan. Alekseyevich Bunin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev, Anto Chekhov, Nikolai Gogol, Mikhail Sholokhov, Maxim Gorky ... Many works have become models, quintessence of modern art. Russian literature has a lasting and far-reaching influence on other cultures in the world, including Vietnam.

During the conversation, translator Phan Xuan Loan introduced a series of 3 books that received the Nobel Prize for literature 2015 by female writer Svetlana Alexievich, including: "War without a woman's face" (1983), "The Final Witnesses" (1985), "The Zinc Boys" (1989). Talking more about the works of writer Svetlana, the translator shares, there are other facts, the consequences of the war, the absurdity of the war, the brutality, and the many sequels of the war burdened with the spiritual and physical lives of many people... The author Svetlana Alexievich chose to tell the story from those little people, whose contributions or sacrifices was not recorded. In the war, many people no longer want to remember, ... Translator Phan Xuan Loan also noted that readers who love Vietnamese literature should learn and read about Svetlana's works because our country has also experienced many wars, Vietnamese readers will find great empathy in Svetlana Alexievich's work when associated with history, because the characters in her work have clearly depicted thoughts of ordinary people, mothers, wives who have fought in the war; and the feelings of Soviet soldiers who, for some reason, volunteered or were compelled to participate in the Afghan war.

The atmosphere of the seminar was livelier with the sharing of translator Phan Xuan Loan and his colleagues about experiences in translation, especially the way of translating Russian literary works, history books etc. suitable for each context, character in the work. In addition, translator Phan Xuan Loan especially shared his own difficulties and memories when translating; at the same time, encouraging and motivating young people who are passionate about and love the translation profession "There will be no world history without translation" (Without translation, there is no history of the world) by researcher L.G. Kelly - Translator Phan Xuan Loan summarizes.


Translator Phan Xuan Loan introduced a series of 3 books that received the Nobel Prize for literature 2015 by female writer Svetlana Alexievich.















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