This was the third year that the Volunteer Spring campaign was launched. The range of the campaign was larger with the diversity in forms of execution, the binding of multiple units, and the maturity in the youth’s actions of giving away and receiving.


“Loving Spring”


Annually, the opening for the Volunteer Spring campaign is always the "Loving Spring" program, which is celebrated by the two faculties:  Faculty of Foreign Languages and Faculty of Construction. The program has been considered as the "brand" of the Thu Dau Mot University every spring, and people in the poor towns, the solitary families expect to see the people who wear “yellow T-shirts” as well as they can see the returns of their sons, to lit up the fire for a warm spring.

This year, the campaign took place on January 16 and January 17, 2015 in Hamlet 1, Lac An Town, North Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, with the participations of more than 200 students and teachers. In the first day, the students were divided into small groups by themselves, to come to the difficult households to clean, paint, repair, decorate the house, give gifts, organize to cook familiar meals and enjoy them with the families.


At the end of the first day, the groups moved to the area to put up the tents and took part in some collective activities such as the contest of packing rice cakes to give the people, the contest of singing, or attended the night campfire. In the spring night, with the roaring fire, everyone gathered around the pot of sticky cake and shared the memories about the New Year Festival, which was full of the love of spring.

On the second day, the groups would visit and gave gifts for the difficult families with 20 gifts, which was worth nearly 1,000,000 VND/section and some small presents such as notebook, cookies and candy for the poor students.


Mrs. Nguyen Huynh Bao Trang – Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of Lac An Town, said in joy: "You brought the spring atmosphere to the people here, shared their difficulties and gave a little help to their life. With the young strength and enthusiasm of you, I hope that in the next years, you will continue to have many meaningful programs, activities to share the difficulties with the people"


“Loving Piggybanks -Handing gifts for Tet Holidays”


Unlike the “Loving Spring”, the “Loving Piggybanks” program by LCH Faculty of Law held the first time, aimed to the beneficiaries: people with disabilities, street children, single old people, who had difficult conditions and earned living hard in the era of Thu Dau Mot City.


Talked about the meaning of your program, Mr. Quoc Huy- Chairman of The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Faculty of Law, "The days near Tet Holidays, everybody is hurried to earn for their livings, go shopping for the family because they look forward to having a complete New Year. However, this is also the time that the peddlers, the street children, the homeless old people feel coldest and loneliest. We don't have many things, just "Go more slowly, look longer, move more closely" and share what we have for everyone (includes us) do not feel lonely, to the spring can bring its true meaning, that is the time for proliferation of everything, includes the human loves ".


As the proposed meaning, the program was implemented through two stages: Stage one: from January 18 to February 1, the branches carried out to “feed” the piggybanks to raise funds. To February 2, the second stage called "Handing gifts for Tet Holidays" was officially deployed. The volunteers, who joined this program, were divided into 4 groups surveyed directly in many areas: Thu Dau Mot Market, Binh Duong Bus Station, Phu Cuong Park, Bung Market, etc. When they found out the people who had difficult circumstances, the volunteers would approach them secretly, inquired by various ways and awarded directly the New Year gifts.


At the end of the operation, the volunteers awarded more than 40 presents, which was worth from 50000-to150000 VND/section. "Although I was so tired, I felt happy to contribute my little strength to help the old people, the children who had unfortunate circumstance, could have a more meaningful spring. The program was also the occasion to cultivate myself, train my guessing skills and practice the social communication"-a young volunteer shared.


“Dreaming Tree-Sentimental Tet Holidays”


The special point of the community activities in this New Year Festival was the initiative in promotion and celebration of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the Faculty, the Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students, the clubs of school with the various forms of organization and the beneficiaries.


From the first days of December, at the campus of the Thu Dau Mot University, the "Dreaming Tree", this was erected by the Assault Unit with the fresh apricot blossoms, near the emotional red hearts for the disadvantaged students, who did not have conditions to go to their hometowns. At the end of the program, the total amount of raised money was handed over to Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of school to organize a last year meeting in warm atmosphere, with practical gifts for the students who have faraway Tet Festival in their second hometown.


Particularly for the Faculty of Information Technology Group, the students used the expertise in their major to create an exciting atmosphere, which concentrated in technology; this was the "Changing new shirts for your favorite laptops" activity. In two days January 7 and January 8, at the Faculty Office, any laptop would be cleaned tidily, stuck a new screen, decorated, or edited the faulty software for the laptop, etc. This was the second year of the program but the volunteers were always in the state of working without respite. We can see that not only people need to replace new clothes, the machines need becoming beautiful, because this is the Lunar New Year.


Besides the private programs, the clubs, teams also actively coordinated with the outside organizations to perform the community service programs. There was the program "Sentimental New Year Festival-Sharing and Loving in Tet Holidays", which was carried out by the Future Leaders Club (Faculty of Economics), in combination with Doan An Dien Town, Medic-Binh Duong Hospital and Toeic of Mrs. Hien. The program conducted several practical meaning items such as: examined and treated medically as well as gave medicines free of charge; cleaned the Temple and the Stele of attributions for country; supported in cleaning and decorating houses for nearly 10 difficult households in policy. The program also visited and gave four packs of present for Vietnamese Heroic Mothers; offered more than 30 packs of present to poor children, who could overcome their hardships and got excellent results in study, 30 packs of present for the difficult households and families in policy.


A member, who joined the program, retold the memory that she would never forget: "At the night of giving gifts, Mrs. Phung, who was supported to clean and recondition her house, went everywhere to find out my group. However, she found only me; she hugged me and sent her thanks for my friends, she and I cried together" From these little happiness, at that moment, with the students and people, the Lunar New Year is coming more closely.


“Loving Spring”-The volunteers is joining hands to cleaned houses for helping the families in policy (Photo: TNhac)

“Loving Spring”-For a very long time, she can have meal with a crowded band of children like that (Photo: TNhac),

“Loving piggybanks”-Breaking them (Photo: QHuy),

“Loving piggybanks”-Forward! (Photo: QHuy)

“Loving piggybanks”-She often stands for selling lottery tickets near our school. Do you remember her? (Photo: QHuy)

Members of the Young Leaders Club are supporting the Medical Association to examine and treat medically free of charge (Photo: XSang)


Collaborators: Thanh Nhac, Quoc Huy, Xuan Sang