On April 28, 2016, at the Art-Photography Exhibition of Binh Duong Province, session VI-2016, the engraving painting work "Tuong" of Mrs. Do Thi Hong Vy- Faculty of Urban-Architecture, was awarded the Second prize of the art field.

The exhibition took place at the Culture of cinema center, which was organized by the Arts and Literature Association of Binh Duong to celebrate 41 years on the Liberation Day-April 30, and the International Workers’ Day-May 1.

Participated in the exhibition, there were 675works of the authors inside and outside the province. Among of them, there were 150 works, which were chosen to display by the Organization Committee. Under the talented visions and hands of the authors, the landscapes of Viet Nam and Vietnamese people in daily activities, in work and productive labors, etc. were reflected lively and creatively.

On this occasion, the Organization Committee gave 11 prizes for outstanding art works. The First prize was awarded to the work "Di san"- lacquer category of author Nguyen Chi Chanh; two Second prizes were awarded to the work "Tuong"-author Hong Vy, and the work “Bam bien”-lacquer category of author Nguyen Van Quy.

In the field of photography, the Organization Committee also awarded one First prize, two Second prizes, three Third prizes and five Encouraging prizes.

The Organization Committee is awarding the second prizes for two authors

Mrs. Hong Vy is standing side by side her engraving painting "Tuong"


Article, photo: Hong Vy