The morning of January 8, 2016, the Thu Dau Mot University official opened the first social skills training course. In course 1, there were 10 skill classes held, train two compulsory subjects that are university-learning skill and communication skill. With the number of students is limited for each class is 25, classes are organized according to the form “experience learning” , create equal opportunity for all students practice and apply continuous evaluation form to consider the level of progress of every student through exercise applying practical skills learned to life.

The social skills training program of the Thu Dau Mot University includes two phases: phase 1 – basic skills consists of 7 skills are deployed mostly for first and second year students. There are two obligated skills that the first year students need to accumulate are university-learning skill and communication skill, five other skills including individual planning skill, teamwork skills, presentation skill, conflict management skill, event organization skill that student has to choose two of these five skills to finish the phase 1. Phase 2 are major skills which are built appropriate with requirements of training ologies groups so as to develop intensively basic skills applying and speciality work in the future.

With preparation correctly and carefully near two years from studying necessary and suitable skills, perfecting materials for learning and teaching to training lecturer staff know real skill and believe that the social skills training program of the Thu Dau Mot University will contribute to implementing mission of training human resources “meet society needs”.

Students participate in the first course

Quynh Anh (The article published on Binh Duong newspaper No. 4663 on January 12, 2016)