In the campaign of the youth volunteer summer 2016, which was organized by Binh Duong Union at the front of the District of Phu Quy Island, from July 01 to July 07, Thu Dau Mot University had 18 students among the total of 27 soldiers participated in this mission. In only 7 days, the soldiers “used” all of energy to deal with the entrusted workloads: lighting the country roads, playing with children, cleaning the beaches, clearing the ocean garbage, supporting the doctor association to allocate medicines.

Especially, Thu Dau Mot University awarded 10 freshwater tanks worth VND 25 million in total for the people of the island District to contribute to improve the quality of local water resources.


MA. Le Van Hai (in the right) was present at the District of Phu Quy Island with the soldiers to award 10 tanks of fresh water for local people (Photo: Thanh Nhac)

The nine formations of volunteer carried out duties at five inside and outside fronts of the Province.

In the morning of July 08, 2016, the opening ceremony of the Youth Summer Volunteer Campaigns 2016 of the School took place in the enthusiastic atmosphere of 150 soldiers. With the theme “The youth of Thu Dau Mot University together builds new rural and urban civilization”, the soldiers carried out duties at 5 fronts, they were the fronts of: Duong Minh Chau Town-Tay Ninh, Hung Hoa-Bau Bang, Tan Hung-Bau Bang, An Dien-Ben Cat, Thu Dau Mot University and the other fronts of neighboring wards. Besides, there were many appearances of specialist teams; aimed to make the works of serving the campaign were thoughtful, such as the formation specialized in tradition, the formation specialized in summer activities, the formation specialized in musical performances.

The images of Thu Dau Mot University’s volunteer soldiers, for a long time, were not only the honors of students, but also the prides of the School leadership-the teachers who always followed each of their community works. In the opening ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen-Vice-Rector of the School, gave many praises for the volunteer and not afraid of difficulties spirits of the students. The Associate Professor also graciously suggested that in the color of Thu Dau Mot University’s shirts, the students needed to have a sense of preserving images of the intellectuals, from the words, gestures, in laboring or living. Every activity must express the lights that could bear the cultural hallmarks of Thu Dau Mot University.

To reply his recommendations and trusts, the soldiers raised the campaign flags high to affirm their determinations to make the mission successful, which was assigned by the School leadership and the Standing Committee of Binh Duong Province. As soon as the ceremony ended, the formation of Duong Minh Chau Town got in the car to go to the heroic land-Tay Ninh.

The soldier Nguyen Thi Duyen, a student of the Faculty of Social Work, the District of Phu Quy Island front, shared: “Through this Green Summer campaign, I have learned many useful things for myself; get acquainted with more new friends and especially, I can recognize my matureness. I want to give strength to this life, not only for Phu Quy front but also I want to spread this enthusiasm throughout the country”.


The soldier Le Thi Minh Trang, a student of the Faculty of Law, Duong Minh Chau Town front: “This is the first time I have to live away from home to join the campaign, so I feel quite nervous. However, when I came to Duong Minh Chau Town, and received many warm welcomes and hearty supports from the local people there, I believe that, in next 20 days, my companions and I will devote all of our abilities to carry out the missions well and have more memories with friends, the people in the process of this campaign”.



The campaign flag, through many seasons, is still soaked with the blue of volunteer, is flying haughtily as the belief and determination to make the mission successful (Photo: Thanh Nhac)


Towards Duong Minh Chau Town (Photo: Thanh Nhac).


The leadership and the people of Duong Minh Chau Town welcome the soldiers (Photo: Thanh Nhac).