At the meeting, the students listen to practical sharing about the professional title "Personal customer specialist" at commercial banks in general and Shinhan Bank in particular. Specifically: functions and duties of an individual customer specialist, the way to become a professional individual customer specialist, advantages and disadvantages that Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung has encountered during the time he has work at the bank. At the same time, he also enthusiastically answered students' questions and gave many useful advice to future employees of the banking industry. He desired, besides improving the knowledge and skills, the students must always keep themselves a right working attitude. For newly graduated students, the most important thing is, getting a opportunity to be worked, and become a official staff at the bank then to gain working experience first instead of pay attention to the remuneration regime. It is known that after this activity, students of Banking and Finance will continue to be exposed to practical business processes at commercial banks in Binh Duong province (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Nam A comercial Join Stock Bank, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). In the real process, students must practice activities including issuing card and providing credit, attracting deposits as well as deposit-related activities. After finishing the course, students will attend a simulated interview to assess the ability to acquire knowledge and master their work.

Cooperation activities in training between schools and businesses have brought many practical benefits for students of Thu Dau Mot University. Through the content of commitments, students will have a chance to experience a practical internship environment, gain working experience for themselves, especially students in the final years. The training programs at Thu Dau University are being implemented in the direction of increasing the amount of practice and internship time for students. From which, increasing the competitiveness and integration of students after graduating.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung and students of Banking and Finance sector