On 22/3/2018, the Faculty of Social work, Thu Dau Mot University, celebrated  the Ceremony of Vietnam Social works-Time 1, with theme “Vietnam social work-Because of people’s happiness” and the Seminar “Orient the development of Social work in Binh Duong Province”.  Attended at the programs, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen-Vice-Rector, Leaders of the subdivisions, the whole of lecturers and more than 200 students, students of the Faculty of Social work (SW).

Honoring the people who do social works

Harmony joy along the country to honor the noble, humanistic values of th people who do SW, Faculty of SW -Thu Dau Mot University held Ceremony of Vietnam Social works-Time 1, with theme “Vietnam social work-Because of people’s happiness” in order to propagate and raise awareness with the operation of SW ology. This was also the occasion to help the lecturers, students to reviews and together develop this profession better; contribute to ensure the implementation of human rights, equity, social progress and well-being of the people, at the same time to promote the tradition “Fresh Leaves chopped beef tattered leaves” and the spirit of love, solidarity, mutual assistance of Vietnamese.

Speak at the opening of the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen – Vice-Rector warmly praised the efforts of those who do SW, the meanings of the noble profession. He confirmed, the birth and development of the SW industry had an important contribution to solve the problems of the welfare, society. This profession had a special significance for the disadvantage people, who met many challenges in life, contributed to help them pass up themselves, solve their own problems, from there, the people who SW contributed to improve the living, ensure social security and socio-economic development of the country.

In the solemn air of the anniversary program of Vietnamese Social work day (25/3), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen believed that, with the results gained in the training, scientific research, Faculty of SW would rise to new heights, gain brilliant successes, deserve to the belief of the School leadership , parents, and employers.

In the framework of the celebration, the Leader of the Faculty awarded prizes for the students who had outstanding achievements in the contest “Social work in me”. The contest was an opportunity to help students share, record the information, images about the beautiful memories in the process of learning, practicing and participating in social activities, helped the community understand the meaning of the SW industry in Vietnam better.

Seminar “Orient the development of Social work in Binh Duong Province”

SW profession had an important role for the development of equality and progress of every country and humanity. In particular, SW profession contributed to solve the social problems related to the life of each individual, small groups and the disadvantageous position community. The SW is a new profession in Vietnam; most of the people still feel strange with the name of this profession. However, along with the development of the country, the SW had been recognized as a profession with many works to meet the needs of social service. The Seminar session with theme “Orient the development of Social work in Binh Duong Province”, with the involvement of the guest, Mr. Quach Trong Minh-Personnel Office-Binh Duong General Hospital, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen-Vice-Rector, Dr. Le Thi Hoang Lieu-In charge of Faculty of SW, Mr. Ly Van Ngoan-Deputy Head of the Training Office exchanged, discussed about the information about this ology, which help the students review and develop the SW Ology better and better.

From the topic of the talk, the guests shared the problem of SW development-oriented issues in Vietnam and Binh Duong Province; status and development orientation of SW career at the hospitals; the training of human resources of SW in Binh Duong, the southern key economic region. Accordingly, Dr. Le Thi Hoang Lieu and MA. Ly Van Ngoan also gave the same lays out of status of SW career in Vietnam that was only the first step in formation, not yet developed in the correct sense of it on all the aspects. In fact, most of the SW staff had not been trained in basic. This staff was mainly developed as mass organizations, such as Youth Union, Women Association, Elderly Association, Veterans Association, Officials in towns, wards…Sometimes, they were the volunteer people. They worked primarily by experiences, did not used to be trained needed social science skills, vocational skills. Therefore, the effective solving of social problems, the problems of individuals, families, groups and communities was not high and lacked of sustainability.

About the content “SW in the hospital”, Mr. Quach Trong Minh said, the hospital was the place that needed the appearance of SW. Because, the SW activities in the hospital not only had role to support the patients but also had great effect in supporting the physician and decreasing the pressure of the doctors and improved the effectiveness of the treatments. For the SW in the community, at the present, there is a variety national health objective program, which is implemented and need the participation of SW staffs. Especially the programs related to specific social groups such as Management, Health care, Counseling for people infected with HIV in the community, rehabilitate functions based on the community; tuberculosis, mental illness prevention, household health management, reproductive health, and injury prevention… In addition, at the local level, the rural health workers and Union officials usually assumed these programs according to the volunteer spirit, without professional training. We can see that the need of using SW staff of the medical industry at present is very large and very necessary at all levels. However, we need to base on the real needs and the abilities of providing to identify the priority areas, the suitable agenda for development.

 In the framework of the program, the participants had to listen to the 2 speeches of Dr. Le Thi Hoang Lieu about the topic “Social work in the hospital in Vietnam: Reality and solutions” and the speech “SW model sharing in nursery school at Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province” by MA. Le Anh Vu.

In 2010, the Prime Minister approved the Project of developing SW, the period of 2010-2020 with the goal: “SW development became a profession in Vietnam; increasing the social awareness about the SW profession; building a team of officers, employees and SW collaborators with enough number and reach quality requirements, associated with the development of the SW services facility providing system at all levels , contributed to build the advanced social security system”. Since then, SW had officially considered as a professional career with the promulgations of training and commissioned officer code. With the purpose of honoring the noble values, the meaning of the social work profession, on 15/9-/016, the Prime Minister had decided to take on the annual 25-3 was the SW day of Vietnam.

Derived from the demand of human resources to do SW in Binh Duong Province, from the beginning, Thu Dau Mot University had dedicated special attention to the SW sector by opening the SW code at School. Through 8 years of formation and development, the School training of SW sector had made the unprecedented step in the training programs, the quality of the teaching staffs. Especially, the current training system had been set up at two levels (levels of undergraduate and postgraduate trainings). Over the years, the manpower to do SW, which was trained by the School, had been working and devoted to the society on many work positions, met the needs of the SW staffs  in Binh Duong Province, the southern key economic region.

Spoke at the opening of the Ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen – Vice-Rector warmly praised the efforts of those who do SW, the meaning of this noble profession


The Seminar with theme “Orient the development of Social work in Binh Duong Province”


The Leaders of the School and the Faculties awarded to students who had outstanding achievements in the contest “Social works in me”

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