Let learn the meaning of Thu Dau Mot University’s new logo (version in 2018) together.  Thu Dau Mot University’s logo meaning

Thu Dau Mot University’s logo, which is retrieved the image of flying blue oil petals. This image is associated with a specific tree for the history and culture of the land of ancient Thu Dau Mot. Today, it represents for the powerful springboard of Binh Duong new land and the aspiration to rise to the top in the higher education, in the school’s Science research, entitled: Thu Dau Mot.

1. Main color: Blue

Blue is the dominant color of the entire design, it has a gentle turn between blue violet and light blue, to create a harmonious and lively overall.

Blue represents the awareness and wisdom. In the school environment, blue conveys the confidence, erudition; to help for both the teachers the students can strongly express their capacities with freedom academic spirit and the desire to conquer the knowledge sky. In organization building, blue not only gives our partners the positive energy, relaxed spirit, fun in communication, but also demonstrates the clear, smoothly to believe each other that towards to the wider development.

2. Texture: The logo has two main blocks

The horizontal block is square with sturdy bridges design; includes the School’s name by Vietnamese and English, which shows the strong, sturdy and be worthy as a main public university of Binh Duong Province. Besides, the simple, clear about the characters and shapes also aims to build the credibility and sustainability of the relationship, the cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

The vertical block has slender, elegant design with stylized image from the combination of oil petals and the nib of pen, the dot point is the establishment of the School-2009, which marks the historical transformation from a school with pedagogical training to a new stature-a public University with multidisciplinary training ology.

About the details, the base of the flower is stylized as a nib-symbol of knowledge, at the same time; it also looks like supportive hands, which are tender and firm. The flying slender oil petal is a vivid image, which easily associates the young people, who have aspirations to conquer new skylines, the desires to freely express themselves, confidences in their ability and are skillful enough to fly high and fly far away.

In conclusion, everything creates a harmonious and meaningful overall, which can convey the University’s core values.

Aspiration: Flying Oil petal

Responsibility: Nib-Supportive hands, inspired

Creation: Flexible transformation of Blue