This was the first time, with the participations of five colleges, universities, they were University of Industry of Ho Chi Minh City, Aviation Academy, Thu Dau Mot University of Transport (CS2) and Industrial and Commercial College of Ho Chi Minh City. The teams brought 12 products, which used smart technology to create the tools to serve and enhance the human life, diverse applications in fields such as high-tech agriculture, smart health care, smart traffic, and smart home. ...

Finally, the first prize was awarded to the product Vegetable garden of high technology of the Industry and Commerce College’s students. Both products of the students of the Faculty of Information Technology-Electronics, Thu Dau Mot University-the Smart water bottle and Smart teddy were the third prizes.

IoT-Network universe of Internet connection was not the strange concepts in the world as well as in Vietnam. It became the trend of technology, allowed the objects, devices connected to each other through the internet, the users just needed to control things over the network by using the smart devices, brought the convenience for human life. Currently, the IoT was invested to research the solutions and develop the applications, attracted the interest of many researchers and developers.

Through this competition, the students could create; express the sense of learning geared to practical application and effectively served for human life. As expectation, the competition would be held periodically every year with the alternate hosts of the school members to stimulate the creative spirits and the science and technology research movements in the students.

With the students of Thu Dau Mot University, the success from the contest would motivate them to invest and attend the upcoming competition-the IoT Startup 2017, which would celebrated by the High-tech zone of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Smart water bottle proceeded from the idea of human healthcare about supplying enough water for body. The product had ability to control the daily water output. It could recommend or remind the users if they forgot drinking water because of business or drink too little water. The users installed the application on their smart phones that could help them to calculate the necessary daily amount of water through the internet.

The Smart Teddy proceeded from the idea that children often play teddies, dolls as their close friends. Smart teddy would support parents to interact the children such as tell stories, play and sing, record, exchange, or give the alarm to wake them up every morning. The parents could contact them through direct calls, just installed the device on smart phone and connect this device through the internet wherever you are.

In the future, the products towards communicating with autism children, who do not like connect with the outside and support them to integrate to the community.

1 First prize, 1 Second prize and 02 Third prizes were awarded for the smart products

The process of product implementation of the students was received encouragement and large support from the lecturers of Information Technology- Electronics Faculty

News: Thanh Luan – Photo: Dang Khoa