The movement of studying science of the students is the indispensable activities at universities. In particular, Thu Dau Mot University, this activity contributes to improve the quality of training, and promote the process of building and developing the School-oriented university researches. Among of them, students’ studying science of the Faculty of Information Technology is quite powerful, which can arouse the passions of creations and researches of the students.

The group of students with the topic “Intelligent robots can detect ways automatically”

(Photo: H.Thai)

Recently, we attended the meeting of Studying Science report of Faculty of Information Technology’s students. There were eight topics, which were presented by several groups of students in this report. Through these topics, students could perform the abilities to apply the general knowledge; as well as, they could deepen the knowledge learned in lectures and they knew how to solve the problems that science and life had put out. In addition, most of their topics were very practical, which could be applied into practice.

The topic “Intelligent robots can detect ways automatically” of student Tat Khuan Tuong and four other students impressed the Jury and the students. Mr. Tuong said, with the goal of creating the intelligent robots in order to meet daily needs of people, such as serving for the needs of entertainment; making friends and working in life; reducing the burdens of the people, serving for learning, and exploring. The group carried out step to step to improve the robots by previous knowledge and what they could find out from the books, or on the internet. Through the time of studying, they were successful; the robots can be applied on most of fields, such as health, education, national defense…

The topic E-Hotline of three juniors and seniors was really attracted the people who love researching and exploring. The representative of group, Mr. Cao Duc Binh- Senior shared: "Easy to understand that the E-Hotline will support the people who meet emergency situations. They only need to press the emergency button, describe the situation within 10 seconds and take a photo related to the incident. After taking photo, the image and the voice content will send directly to the switchboard and telephone of the authorities (such as the police, fire department, ambulance). The operator will receive the locations, phone numbers of the people in distress and other contents such as images and voice contents. The phone of the people who receive the notice of emergency can be showed the shortest distance from them to the people in distress, which can help them visualize the way to rescue these people sooner ". Be aware that, in the framework of the Smart City Conference, took place in the late of March; the product E-hotline gave the impression with the delegates. The Faculty of Information Technology was proposed by the leadership of Binh Duong Province to continue to support the researches of students and improve the product to serve for the function forces of our Province. Once again, this demonstrated the passions for studying science of the students; which helped them develop thinking, discover and affirm themselves.

Other topics such as automatic and remote-controlled irrigation system, jobs search websites constructions, etc. also have high feasibilities. Dr. Le Anh Tuan, Dean of Faculty of Information Technology excitedly said, in recent years, the Faculty of Information Technology Department has developed strong, 100% of lecturers were trained in modern methods of teaching. The Faculty has implemented the CDIO and being active in international cooperation. Now, the Faculty is promoting the studying science activities in the students. Whereby, we can help the students learn the researching methods, how to solve problems, how to plan works, teamwork, presentations, school of interdisciplinary works, etc. The great upcoming orientation of the Faculty is developing the Information Technology system to support for the high-tech agricultural production and towards the smart city.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, President of Thu Dau Mot University said: “From the school year 2012-2013 until now, the work of studying science in the students is better and better,  the number of theses that the students registered to participate in the following year is higher than the previous year. Many topics have scientific significances and profound practices, some topics have been popularized the research results on journals of science and reward Scientific Researches Awards for Students from the Ministry of Education and Training. This is a helpful playground, which arouses the creative passions, helps the students to study new knowledge and promotes the emulation movements of learning and studying science in the students”

(Source: Binh Duong Newspaper posted on May 05, 2016)