The Binh Duong Startup Innovation Contest sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology of Binh Duong Province is held annually. In 2020, the contest jointly organized by Binh Duong Province and Thu Dau Mot University, officially launched in May 2020, receiving nearly 30 topics and ideas from students of universities and colleges in the whole province. Through the preliminary and semi-final rounds, 8 excellent projects were selected to compete in the final round held at the Center for Community Initiatives and Start-up Support in the province on November 22, 2020.

With a stable performance from the qualifying round and a breakthrough in the final round, the group of contestants from Thu Dau Mot University with the topic "Multi-function soap extracted from hibiscus flowers" completely convinced the judges and excellently won the first prize at the end. The second prize in the contest was awarded to another project from Thu Dau Mot University called "Online Printing Service". The third prize was awarded to the topic "Coconut vinegar" by students of Binh Duong University. The remaining 4 consolation prizes were awarded to 4 subjects of Thu Dau Mot University: the title "Throw Idea", "DD O-HYDRO", "The Vietnamese restaurant Cuon Viet Huong", "Young to Young".

In addition to the total prize of more than 200 million, contestants of this year's contest also have a special benefit of participating in intensive training courses on entrepreneurship, the reality program "Startup Open day" at the Technology Park in Ho Chi Minh City National University. In addition, the winning projects will be sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology to help groups realize ideas.

Candidates confidently present their start-up projects

The project " Multi-function soap extracted from hibiscus flowers " consecutively won first prize in startup competitions at all levels

Second prize belonged to a highly applicable project "Online printing service"

The groups of authors won consolation prizes