In 3 days from October 8 to 10, 2020, 23 student leaders selected from the provinces and cities in the country competed in the 3rd National Student Leaders Contest 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City. After passing through the contest "Leadership Journey", "Leadership Vision", "Intellectual Leader", 5 best-performing faces officially entered the finale with the theme "Shining leaders. ”Took place on the evening of November 10, 2020, at the Youth Cultural House.

As the sole representative of Binh Duong province, Mrs. Truong Diem Linh - Chairman of Thu Dau Mot University Student Association, a junior student majoring in English language - showed strong bravery from knowledge to skills to become one of the five contestants who made it to the finale. In the contest "Shining leader", in 5 minutes presenting the plan "Organizing a series of activities to support students in the movement of 5 good students and connecting the community of 5 good students at all levels", Linh has received enthusiastic cheers from the audience for persuasion, fluency, and won the second-highest score in this competition. In the end, with the total score of all competitions, Truong Diem Linh was named in third place in the contest.

Truong Diem Linh shows her bravery and solid knowledge about Union and Association activities, especially the Student 5 good movement.

The faces of the best student leaders in the country at season III – 2020

Leaders of the Provincial Youth Union - Student Union of Binh Duong province with teachers and friends of Thu Dau Mot University came to support Diem Linh's spirit in completing the exam well in the final night.