Shared at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu-Director of Binh Duong VNPT thanked the School for high-quality human resources training for enterprises in the province in generally and Binh Duong VNPT in particular. Through the process of receiving internship students of Thu Dau Mot, the company appreciated the professionalism, skills and attitudes of students; praised the ability for responding the actual job requirements well. In the coming time, Binh Duong VNPT wants to establish a relationship of long-term strategic cooperation with Thu Dau Mot University in fields to solve problem of high-quality human resource development to serve the process of restructuring the personnel structure in the telecommunications industry, information technology of the Province.

Responded, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-Rector welcomed the offer of cooperation from the leaders of VNPT. In the upcoming trends, the School would always ready to embrace the opportunities of cooperation from the business. The Assoc. Prof shared, with the mission of training high-quality human resource development to serve the economics and social development in the context of economics international integration, the School focused on building integrated training program for professional knowledge, language ability and social skills. In the training activities, the School promoted the affiliate programs of cooperation with business, the training with real working environment, for students to have better understand about the businesses and helped them to connect and use the “training products” of the University through student internship process.

Having the same ideas and perspective of cooperation, at the meeting, the leaderships of two units focused on exchanging programs, initiating collaborative projects in the first five-year plan. Specifically, Thu Dau Mot University would regularly update, innovative teaching methods; and the program would be followed the needs of business. In particular, we focused on opening training courses, enhanced professional knowledge for the technical staff, and managers; built integrated knowledge training programs of two majors: information technology and electrical engineering-electronics, created qualified human resource to meet the needs of actual work in VNPT. Besides, we would coordinate to hold the seminars, workshops, exchange of scientific information; In particular, we would strengthen the coordination of research about Binh Duong-Smart city, researched advanced technology applications into life; connected subjects with actual working conditions of the business. For VNPT, the company would support the students during the real internship, helped the students have the opportunity to approach the technology products and applied business processes; enhanced the operation of the services, exchanged technology, provided software to serve the teaching and business activities.

At the end of the meeting, the leaders of the two sides directly guided the Offices, Function Departments to promote detailed drafting of cooperation program and implemented the first five-year plan of the academic year 2016-2017 at the same time.


VNPT delegation exchanged the cooperation programs


School leadership acclaimed the cooperation proposals form VNPT


The two sides unified cooperation methods of the first five-year plan

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