The ICCASA seminar, times V was jointly organized by Thu Dau Mot University, the European Alliance for Innovation-EAI and Nguyen Tat Thanh University. The Seminar content revolved the study of the Context-Aware Systems and Applications of it for the development of humanity, particularly in the field of information and communication. There were 35 essays, which were sent to the seminar, showed the enthusiasm research results and innovative ideas of the experts, scientists from famous science and education organizations of Canada, New Zealand, Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam Serviced, New Zealand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. From these essays, the organizers selected 20 ones to be presented at the seminar; Thu Dau Mot University has 4 essays, which were the valuable research works of the lecturers of Information Technology-Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty. After the seminar, these essays would be published by Springer Publishing House (Federal Republic of Germany).

At the opening of seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, Rector of Thu Dau Mot University-Head of the Organizing Committee, confirmed the development of IT applications was an important factor in expanding the ways for the knowledge economy. The progress of the IT products contributed to improve labor productivity, national competitiveness, to ensure national security defense of each country in the context of globalization. With the published research results, the seminars ICCASA-fifth time, became the wisdom of scientists, professionals in the field of Information Technology, contributed to the advancement of computer science; helped Vietnam become powerful country of Information Technology in the process of international integration.

The main contents of the seminar were conducted with 20 scientific reports presented at 4 working sessions. The reports focused on resolving basic and urgent issues for the development of Information Technology on the topic “The Context-Aware Systems and Applications”. Such as: forecasting the movement of mobile network subscribers, in the context of project management , in the context of communication between people and machines, the adaptive business network context, identification of human activity by using smart phones, share knowledge about using social networks, models and theory of the agent context for intricate knowledge sources. The research results and proposals at the seminar not only contributed positively to the development of the IT industry but also they were the premises of open hints new research ideas, the new approaches on the development of science and technology, computer science in Vietnam.

In the framework of the seminar, on the afternoon of November 23, the delegates visited the many cultural attractions, tourist areas of Binh Duong Province and impressed with the quick and modern development of the Province, especially the New City especially the city of new. Followed the success of this seminar, the next ICCASA, sixth time 2017 will be hosted by the University of Quang Nam Province.

The annual ICCASA seminars based on the initiative of the “European Alliance for innovation” EAI are considered as the forum to announce the results of the study, the trends, and the new ideas of scholarly International Information Technology. at the same time, they can meet the need in the process of economic and social development of Vietnam on the way towards the knowledge economy and international integration. The fifth ICCASA seminar, which was hosted by Thu Dau Mot University, helped the lecturers and the officers not only have conditions to announced their results but also this was as an occasion to reach out, communicate, exchange information, research methods, shares in the IT field. Especially, at present, the school has made efforts to deploy a number of studies related to IT applications in the construction of intelligent city of Binh Duong Province. Therefore, the research results, recommendations from the seminar contributed to expand the visions, brought the creative inspirations and a rich source of scientific information for the works of training and researching of the School; helped the Government and the people in the Province carry out the strategic goal successfully and became a city directly under the central government before 2020.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep – Rector of Thu Dau Mot University had the opening speech

Dr. Sang Koen Lee presented the speech “Smart cities developed based on the characteristics of cities and urban issues”

The seminar attracted many experts, researchers in the field of Information Technology

Dr. Hoang Manh Ha – Deputy Head of Information Technology-Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty reported at the seminar

Mr. A. Anton Yogaraja reported at the seminar

Bui Thanh Khiet – Lecturer of Thu Dau Mot University reported at the seminar

The Delegates took souvenir photos at the seminar

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