The unique Culinary Culture Festival

The persistent rain from the morning did not affect the ebullient preparation atmosphere of the units. There were 19 pavilions of School, 5 pavilions of guest, along with the wonderful colors-flavors-tastes of the cuisines, which were also rushing to prepare. When everything was finished, the rain also stopped; the cool air made the space of cuisine more pleasant and stimulated the tastes of the attenders.

This year, with the “Colors of Asean” theme, the pavilions brought typical dishes of the countries of Southeast Asia. From the familiar dishes with Vietnamese, such as Thai Hot-Pot, Singapore Frog Gruel, Nam Vang noodles (Cambodia) to the strange dishes such as Nasi Kuning (Indonesia) Ukoy cake, rice (Philippines), Rice of Shan (Myanmar), ... were invested meticulously about the featured flavors, decorations, traditional dresses and presentations by the amateur chefs.

Finally, the Faculty of Urban-Architecture with the most beautiful decoration, and special presentation about the Rice of Shan (Myanmar) attained the first prize. The Philippines roast pork-with Ukoy cake, which was cooked by the Union of Centers (Library information, Continuing education, Political theory, Institute for new technology research training and development), reached the second prize. The third prize was awarded for the Economics Faculty with typical dishes of three regions in Vietnam. The two Encouragement prizes belonged to the Faculty of Resources and Environment and the team of Laos students. The pavilion of Faculty of Information technology won the Impressive Decoration prize.

With the spirit of "Fun is the key", the guests enthusiastically enjoyed the dishes at the pavilions, chatted, laughed and waited for the festival, which was taken place in the evening of the same day.

The Rice of Shan (Myanmar) received the First Prize

The Philippines Roast pork of the Union of Centers received the Second Prize

These dishes not only fulfilled colors-flavors-tastes, but also convinced by the meticulous investments about the costumes and the introductions.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Quyen awarded for winning pavilions



The solemn 7th School Anniversary Celebration and the 1st Labor Medal Ceremony

At 18:00 pm, the 7th Anniversary Celebration of School was opened with the meticulous musical performances, which were performed by the teachers and students of Thu Dau Mot University. On behalf of the School leadership, MA. Nguyen Thi Nhat Hang-Deputy Secretary of Party Committee-Vice Principal had a speech to salute and review the achievements that the school had achieved. After seven years, Thu Dau Mot University has had considerable development steps to shape as a multidisciplinary university, development-oriented research university. Currently, the University is training 15,000 full-time students, 500 postgraduates, who are learning and researching at 9 graduate ology, 26 higher education ology.

In this occasion, the staffs-lecturers of the School honorably witnessed the ceremony of the 1st Labor Medal Ceremony, which was awarded by the President for Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-the Principal of School, for the outstanding achievements in the fields of science and education. Having a strong attachment to the School from the beginning, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep was the person, who always stood at the most dangerous positions to bring Thu Dau Mot University proceeded steadily and reaped proud achievements. On behalf of the Provincial leadership, said Mr. Tran Thanh Liem-Chairman of the People’s Committee awarded the medal for the Associate Professor with congratulations for his accomplishments. He hoped that Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep would continue to lead the School to implement successfully the strategy of helping Thu Dau Mot University become the prestigious Training- Scientific Research Center of Binh Duong Province-South-Eastern region, Southern key economic zone.

Mr. Tran Thanh Liem-Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee awarded the First Labor Medal for Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep

The Vice Principals gave congratulation flowers for Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep


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