On the afternoon of June 07, 2017, the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Thu Dau Mot University and Hannam University was held solemnly in the presence of the leaders of the two units, marked the first step of cooperation in the improvement of human resource’s quality training.

To open the meeting, Dr. Duk Hoon-Rector of Hannam University thanked for the warm welcome of the School leadership for the Delegation. Mr. Lee said, Hannam University was one of the prestigious universities of Asia. In the international cooperation activities, the University has cooperation relationships, exchange training with many of the leading universities in Vietnam. Especially, the University has had friendly relations with Binh Duong Province for a long time. Noticed the similarity of direction, strategic objectives, the working motto; in particular, with the diversity in the system of disciplines of the two parties, which made prospects for long-term cooperation in the future, to serve the common interests of the teaching and researching activities at the two training foundations.

Speaking at the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-Rector honored to collaborate with Hannam University. He shared Thu Dau Mot University, was one of the basis of training, scientific research, the prestige of the South area. With Binh Duong Province, Thu Dau Mot University was one of the main public schools, which had cooperation with foreign enterprises in the Province, including many Korean businesses. In the process, the School also put expected to train human resource who expert in Korean language to meet the needs of quality labor for South Korean businesses in Binh Duong Province and neighbor provinces. With this argent demand, the School is preparing the human resources to open Korean language Training code in 2017. The Prof. Dr. believed that the cooperation, which was signed between the two schools, would be a good start for the development of education of both parties. At the same time, the two sides would actively promote to let the terms of the memorandum actually go into depth, have the binding tight, sustainable, bring about practical benefits for learners and training facilities.

The content of memorandum of cooperation focused on the basic contents of the training, scientific researching, geared to two main objects were the lecturers and students. Specifically: two schools would exchange and share teaching and learning materials; exchange lecturers and students between the two schools, promote cultural exchanges of the two countries; and other activities follow harmony from the two sides.

With the practical contents of a signed, cooperation program between the two schools opened the opportunities of exchanging, academic enhancing between the two schools in promotion of the strengths of two units. This was also the opportunity to help students, practitioners, research students of Thu Dau Mot University to study in the educational environment of South Korea.

Hannam University was founded in 1956 and this was the leading private University in South Korea. Throughout more than 56 years of operation, Hannam University had significant strides in education. Up to now, Hannam University has become a major university with 7 postgraduate training institutes, 10 universities, 4 rooms and 58 faculties, 10 auxiliary educational organizations, 32 research institutes, ... modern infrastructure with application of the most advanced science and technology in teaching and researching, Hannam University promises to give students the best studying environment. Moreover, the School is located in Daejeon, which has above sea level equal to Athens of Greece, Lisbon of Portugal, San Francisco of the United States, so has cool climate. The university's campus is very beautiful with fresh trees on 175.872 square feet. The University has two training foundations: Ojeong-dong and Daeok, both of them are thoroughly invested on infrastructure with the exciting outdoor activities.

(Extract: http://www.duhochanquoc.info.vn)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep and Dr. Duk Hoon signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU)

The cooperation program between the two schools has opened up an opportunity of exchanging, academic enhancing between the two schools in promotion strengths of the two units

The cooperation program opens the opportunity for the students, practitioners, research students of Thu Dau Mot University to study in the educational environment of South Korea

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