The Thu Dau Mot University has just appeared on the list of schools train according to CDIO model (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) of the world. Until today, the Thu Dau Mot University is the third university of Vietnam (after Ho Chi Minh City National University and Duy Tan University) is admitted to this assess association.

Success from applying creativity

On the progress of integration, before globalization trend with drastic changes in developing education in company with changing socioeconomic, the Thu Dau Mot University leadership tried to look for a model that meets mission of training high-quality human resources and meets urgent mission with regard to innovated requirement of the nation education system. In 2013, aware clearly method of approaching CDIO, provide solutions that develop training program systematically be being applied at advanced universities in the country and the world. Moreover, it is also a model that can apply follow needs and special conditions of the school, the Thu Dau Mot University bravely deployed this model for different training professions including beyond the field of technology.

After 2 years of applying educational reform initiatives based on the CDIO, the Thu Dau Mot University had some basic innovations of how organized the programs, capacity of lecturers, teaching methods to help develop comprehensively knowledge, skills, qualities and necessary practice competence for student’s professions,... At the International Conference CDIO 11th took place at the Chengdu University of Technology, China, in 2015. After hearing detailed reports of the delegation of the Thu Dau Mot University , the CDIO World Association acknowledged the effects and appreciated the innovations in the CDIO implementation at school. The report of the Thu Dau Mot University was the summarization of the effective practical experiences from the development process and the CDIO models’ application, which was suitable for the conditions of the school during this time. We can say that the pursuit of CDIO expresses the proper direction aims to the training goal attached to the experiment and the needs of employers; helps the learners develop comprehensively their "hard skills" and "soft skills". The themes that were reported by the Thu Dau Mot University , contributed to solve the arguing problems, which this Educational Association encountered, such as: Is CDIO a rigid pattern only for technical departments? Is there the effective application of CDIO models for outside the engineering department? The report of the Thu Dau Mot University contributes to affirm the CDIO spirit when we apply to all ology to help the schools creative innovation in teaching and learning, evaluate and verify the training programs, design the frames of the training programs.  

With this report, the Thu Dau Mot University has received 100 percent of the CDIO members’ supports. In addition, from August 1, 2015, the name of the Thu Dau Mot University officially appeared on the member map of the World CDIO Organization.

Opportunities and challenges ahead

In the past two years, the Thu Dau Mot University always takes advantage of learning experience from domestic and international schools to have solid steps along with deploying CDIO model in whole school. The school continuously trained CDIO for lecturer, staff who design and organize debate programs are intensive about CDIO. Many units of school shared contents about requirements with regard to training program, instruction for designing and developing the program according to approaching CDIO, instruction for designing subject document and building output standard, training program integrate according to CDIO. With this moves, at present, CDIO was spread to all professions of the Thu Dau Mot University . It gradually helps students change their habits from passive learning to active and created learning that are suggested from their lecturer. In addition, students have better skills in life. From the reality at school, CDIO model also helps acknowledge more comprehensive about teaching method and learning as well as evaluate student’s level, lecturer’s ability.

In the future, school continues to promote the use of comprehensive approach, get the system of CDIO to improve training program, provide design – deploying program skills. Specifically, school will speed up improving the ability of lecturer to prepare for essential resources, equip material facilities that serve effectively for deploying CDIO activity. Besides, school will also insert practice subjects at basic and advanced level into the training program in order to help student practice skills with comprehending major and social knowledge themselves. Furthermore, school will carry out self-assessment mission, verifying at program level because of purpose of continuous innovation; intensify sharing experiences with partners inside and outside of country to create connection between universities.

For the Thu Dau Mot University , implementing CDIO need a period of time with many obstacles ahead. The school leadership determine, join and become an official member of CDIO Association is an honor and a great responsibility. In order to succeed, all staffs, lecturers need to be determined and unanimous; and total force focus to conduct route-applying CDIO goes fast and sustainable.

The Thu Dau Mot University appear on the list of World CDIO Association

Staff and lecturer union of the Thu Dau Mot University attend The 11st International Conference CDIO take place Technical University of Chengdu, China, in 2015 (photo by Thanh Trac)