Deploy V2Work at Thu Dau Mot University
Launch of the 15th IBM CSC International volunteers program
Cooperation with Dublin City University in researching and training
Signed MOU with Vietnam-Japan University
Product collaboration research from medicinal mushrooms with Innocare MHD Joint-stock Company
Thu Dau Mot University at the CDIO Conference in the Asian region 2018
Memorandum of Understanding with JungWon University (South Korea)
Promote to cooperate in education and training with Chung-Kang University (South Korea)
Thu Dau Mot University strengthens the integration of science and technology
Thu Dau Mot University completed the external evaluation program officially
Development strategy to the year 2030 of Thu Dau Mot University
Solving manpower difficulty of the Association of Korean Merchants
Collaborative research, development of biological products with Phuong Nam Company
Scientific research cooperation on the Southeast area with the École française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO)
Cooperation of building "Binh Duong Smart City" project
An effective working week with the delegation of Henry Park Primary School’s staffs and lecturers
Promotion of educational cooperation with top universities in Taiwan
Establishment of cooperating relationship with Pines-Philippines Language Academy
Cooperation with the University of Wolverhampton in the master training program
Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy, Eindhoven University of Technology visited and worked with the leaders of School.
Prof. Ho Tu Bao- Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, visited and worked with the Thu Dau Mot University
Results of the mission trip of the Thu Dau Mot University to the advanced education institutions in Southeast Asia.
Cooperation contract between Faculty of Information Technology (Thu Dau Mot University) and FPT Software Company (FPT Group)
The president worked with the representative of Northern Kentucky University
Information Technology students have opportunity to learn at Northern Kentucky University
Contact with the delegation of Yamaguchi Province, Japan.
AEC and TPP - Opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese businesses
Binh Duong 20 years of urbanization - The reality questions
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