The academic exchange program is organized by the Institute of Science and Technology Development and the Faculty of Natural Sciences with the participation of lecturers and students of natural sectors. Prof. Dr. Suk Soo Dong - Han Yang Uni presented about the history of nuclear power researching, the status of building nuclear plants in many countries around the world. He also had deep discussions on safety issues in the field of nuclear power such as the process of building plants, operating equipment, and benefits of using nuclear power; trends and prospects for developing nuclear power industry on the globe, and in Vietnam ...

In the framework of activities, lecturers from the University of Dalat has also presented reports and discourse on specialism about agriculture and food chemistry. Accordingly, MSc. Nguyen Thi Minh Sang shared information on the topic of "Application of radiation in food mutations and food preservation". MSc. Le Viet Huy discusses the content of "Applying radioactive rays in processing waste from polymers in environmental protection".

Speaking at the program, Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Director of the Institute of Technology Development Research, thanked scientists from the units shared a lot of valuable acadamic information, creating an environment for lecturers and students can exchange and share experiences. From the program, the participants, especially the lecturers, have established professional cooperation relations, thereby promoting scientific teaching and researching activities. Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh hopes that the partner units and the University will continue to promote the organization of academic forums, creating a bridge for lecturers, experts and researchers to have many opportunities to meet and give change expertise, ... contribute to creating an "academic community" to increase the value and quality of research activities as well as brands of the parties.

The delegation exchanges cooperation programs with the school leaders.

Prof. Dr. Suk Soo Dong - Han Yang exchanges about issues in the field of nuclear power