National Science Seminar “Binh Duong 20 years of urbanization - The reality questions” was held on January 1, 2016 at the Thu Dau Mot University. Center of Urban Research and Development, Binh Duong Institute of Urban Planning and Development, The Thu Dau Mot University coordinated to organize the seminar. There are over 200 participants who are scientists, managers, etc. from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and neighboring provinces.

Mr. Tran Thanh Liem – Deputy Province Committee secretary, Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee represented for Binh Duong attended and addressed. Moreover, there were the leaders of Province Committee, People’s Committee, People’s Council and representatives of departments and boards in Binh Duong. In terms of scientists, there were Assoc.Dr. Ton Nu Huyen Tran - Director of Urban Research and Development Center, Assoc.Dr. Hoang Ba Thinh – Director of Gender, Population, Environment and Social Problems (University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi), MA.Architect . Huynh Van Minh – Director of Institute of Binh Duong Urban Planning and Development, Doctor of Science. Architect Ngo Viet Nam Son – Institute of Research and Development Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Fanny Quertamp Nguyen – Director of Urban Forecast and Research Center.

Speaking for opening the seminar, Assoc.Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep – President of the Thu Dau Mot University emphasized the seminar’s importance in the exchange of information, views, research methods, as well as sharing experiences to build sustainable cooperation relationships in training and science research between universities, the Institute of Research in the whole country and internationally. He also expressed that the process of urbanization in Binh Duong in recent years has profoundly changed the economic and social life of Binh Duong, but a series of problems relate to urban development are setting harsh: Rapidly growth of population, mostly migrant workers. Although they contribute to adding human resources to develop the economy, they bring many pressures to education, accommodation, medicine, employment, and welfare policies. In addition, environment protection works have not satisfied the requests of the sustainable development; urban management level has not appropriated while resources for construction investment becomes more difficult (enforcement capacities, especial in planning, construction, management and operation of urban are still limited). The sufficient and existences in the planning, construction and management of urban in Binh Duong are in need of solutions both science and practice. Especially, in order to contribute to carry out the purposes and missions of the Tenth Provincial Party Congress, term from 2015 to 2020, which aims to build Binh Duong become the city "civilized – prosperous - good life". The research results of this seminar will be the foundation for strategic planning and policy of sustainable urban development of Binh Duong in the future.

The seminar was consensus the goal that organization department gave, so the seminar spent three serious working sessions with 21 special reports as well as the reports post on summary record that were presented. Experienced scientists and managers within the country and international focused on clarifying contents such as: the urban – industrial planning associates with general planning develop Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh, the evaluated enforcement framework with the general project of building town, traditional architecture in the urbanization, some characteristics of the development process of the urban space in Binh Duong. Moreover, they concern in developing Binh Duong city towards green urban, research green materials of Architecture and Urban Department of the Thu Dau Mot University, greenery in the sustainable development planning, technical infrastructure, planning and developing traffic in the process of the urbanization in Binh Duong. In addition, there are the roles of Binh Duong in developing Ho Chi Minh urban zone by approaching from the infrastructure and industrial zone.

In the end, Mrs. Ton Nu Huyen Tran represented of organization department to summarize the proposal issues. She highly evaluated the reports that made the important substances of the relationship between industrialization and urbanization in the development strategy of Binh Duong based on comparing to methods of urbanization. Besides, the reports focused on analysis, comments, and explanations many problems about human resources, life quality, immigration and emigration, cultural changes from the respects of the process of the urbanization in Binh Duong. The reports gave solutions for industrial development to make motivation for urban developing. Otherwise, the urban development serves the industry. Furthermore, we have to build a system of urban planning that are modern, comprehensive, and stable in long term based on regional planning, socioeconomic planning; we coordinate closely and observe strictly in urban land management, invest and build technical infrastructure, transportation, works. Finally, we have to support to create a stable social so that people feel secure about living, studying, and working in Binh Duong. The solutions that make Binh Duong become the urban “civilized-prosperous-good living”.

Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Deputy Province Committee secretary, Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee: “Initiative organize the seminar “Binh Duong 20 years of urbanization - The reality questions” with the participation and coordination of science and education agencies, especially international scholars. The seminar is a significant event in order to evaluate correctly the reality of the process of the urbanization in Binh Duong in the past years. In addition, the research results of the seminar will help party committee levels, government of Binh Duong plan planning policy, build and manage urban toward sustainable goals, civilization, and modernization, a city directly under the central government by 2020 according to resolution of the Tenth Party Committee Congress”.

Assoc.Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep states opening the seminar

Prof.Dr. André Donzel presents the report: Change awareness of environment and models of urban development in Mediterranean: comparative study

Architect Nguyen Huu Thai with the report Binh Duong develop sustainably in structure of managing the big urban area of Ho Chi Minh City and Southeastern

Scientists, managers participate in the seminar