Speaking at a meeting with the school leadership, Mr. Peter Portheine-Director of Brainport Corporation said, Binh Duong had similarities with the city of Eindhoven (the Netherlands) because of the large business community, with many facilities for vocational training and universities. The aim of "Binh Duong Smart City" project towards the solutions to build and develop a smart city in order to enhance life quality of the citizens, reduce the cost of resource consumption, and improve the communication and interaction between the people and the Government. Those development goals will help Binh Duong City to be a clear, beautiful and green industrial city and meet the Province's ultimate goal: becoming the leading local industrialization, modernization and international integration of the country.

Mr. Peter Portheine shared, in this groundbreaking strategy 2021 program of the project " Binh Duong Smart City", Binh Duong Province aimed to become a member of ICF, falled into the Smart21-smart areas of the year. Therefore, in 2017, Binh Duong should actively prepare the conditions to check and compare with the criterias of ICF program. The orientations and constructions of the project of "Binh Duong Smart City" stage 2016-2021 will towards 4 areas: people, technology, business community, and infrastructure. To help the scheme come into operation quickly with high effections, the experts of the Netherlands proposed the model of cooperation "Three houses" (State-Schools/Institutes-Entrepreneurs). Accordingly, the University created the new ideas; business was the owner of new technology products; the Government supported expenditures of the implementation of idea and careers. Therefore, the scheme needed to have the support and coordination of the province's universities, including Thu Dau Mot University.

Speaking at the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep appreciated the initiative and positive solutions to help Binh Duong towards to build a smart, modern cities in the future. He affirmed, with the mission of the public University of Binh Duong, Thu Dau Mot University always focused on setting up the criteria of training quality on top; at the same time the training was always associated with the scientific research activities to aim at providing the high quality human resources for society. On the basis of the project of construction of the smart city, the School undertaken to establish the Research Institutes (Research Institute of South East Learning-Development Research Institute and the Center for empirical studies) that corresponded to the category of research on South-East-Smart City-Rural municipality. The obtained results were the product of scientific and technical content of high effective service for human life, together with the realization of home plans to develop the economy-society of the Province, aimed to build modern Binh Duong City.

On January 15, 2015, Binh Duong Province signed the memorandum with the city of Eindhoven (the Netherlands). This was the basis for the two parties to send representatives to conduct the survey, research steps, and worked with Government, multinational corporations ... to determine the objectives, key elements and important partners to offer a specific plan for the process of building Tripod/Three houses (State-Schools/Institutes-Entrepreneurs) for Binh Duong Province, which had premise of building Binh Duong Smart City. The event marked important step in this collaboration is on 28/3/2016, People's Committee of Binh Duong and the Consulate General of the Netherlands hosted the international Seminar "Smart City".

On November 21, 2016, the People's committee formally approved the groundbreaking strategy program of Binh Duong to 2021 (also called Binh Duong Navigator 2021) and was the key project of "Binh Duong Smart City". This was a program to help Binh Duong develop quickly on many different areas, from which gradually transformed from traditional manufacturing industry to high-tech manufacturing and services with high grey matter, less deficit of labor using and raised the value to the local economy.

The two sides discussed the coordinated project to build "Binh Duong Smart City"

The supports and active collaborations of the universities were one of the factors that determined the success of the project "Binh Duong Smart City"