In two days 29 and 31/8/2018, The Labor market Center conducted thematic sessions with School’s units to deploy the first items of V2Work project, which had Thu Dau Mot University as a member. 

Based on the content which had been training from the worldwide V2Work Organization (Nha Trang, 08/2018), the sessions were held, aimed to elucidate the question “Why do we must connect with the stakeholders & Alumni?” (On the first day) and discussed the solution “How to connect with the outside market &the school’s leadership?” (On the second day)

Attended the exchanges, there were some Faculty’s Representatives, Secretaries of the program, Executives of Student Affairs Office, Center for Social skills training, Youth Union-School’s Student Association. Presided the meetings, MA. Truong Thi Thuy Tien-Director of the Center for Labor market-Leader of V2Work of Thu Dau Mot University highlighted the significance and importance of the project for the School, especially the practical benefits to students after graduation to enhance opportunities in job search capabilities and start-up career. In addition, the project also contributed to the construction and modernization the job centers for 8 schools in Vietnam, created the extensive networks between the job centers, the schools, the national domain zones, and the networks between the business–universities, business-students and the alumni networks. This was the chance for University’s lecturers of Thu Dau Mot to join and work in the international professional environment, at the same time, to share and learn the experiences from the other schools.

In the framework of the second meeting, the delegates identified the stakeholders who were out of the campus. With the experiences from V2Work, the unit’s leadership, who was provided the tools, ways would connect with the outside stakeholders effectively. Besides, the content of the meeting also raised the importance of School’s leadership in the coordination, given the sensible policies to help the School’s units go in right direction to increase professionalism in the works of student in looking for work and starting-up their careers.

V2Work-Strengthening the Vietnamese Higher Education System to improve graduates’ employability and entrepreneurship skills-was the project to strengthen Vietnam’s University education system, develop skills and the ability for employment research of students after graduation, as well as enhance the relationship with the Labor market. The project would help build and modernize the Job Assistance Center and the Labor market, updated the new career support services to students of eight Universities through the construction of regulation works fostering, improving the quality of human resources to meet the needs of working professionals in enterprises and organizations inside and outside the Country.

The content of the meetings identified the objects of the related units

The Leaders of the units and V2Work specialist group of Thu Dau Mot University


Tất Trung