In the professional training week of the year beginning, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-Rector of the School presented in front of the whole of officers-lecturers about the strategic orientations of the development of Thu Dau Mot University to the year 2030. The Editorial Department would like to summarize these below main points:

  1. Mission: Develop the School to become the Centre of culture, education and science-technology; Provide human resources, qualified science and technology products; Serve the economic, social development and international integration of Binh Duong Province, Southeast area-Southern key economic region.
  2. Vision: Towards to advance university has credibility inside and outside the country, in the top of 300 best Asian universities; the learners have the ability to work in the country and abroad.
  4. General target: Develop into the university with high quality application oriented, diversified fields and according to the national, area (AUN-QA) and international standards (QS-Star); Implement of self-control associated with the accountability.
  5. Specific objectives:

a. Development scale to the year 2030:

  • Shape and complete six training fields: Economics, Engineering-Technology, Natural sciences, Social sciences and Humanities, Management Sciences, Pedagogy.
  • 40 undergraduate training programs, 20 Postgraduate master's degrees training specialists, 10 doctor’s degrees training specialists
  • Stabilize 15.000 official students, 5.000 regular students, 2.000 postgraduate students, 600 researchers.
  • The machine develops according to the requirements of mission with 15 Rooms, 14 Faculties, 2 Centers, 3 Institutes, 1 Business.
  • Payroll: 900 (740 lecturers, Doctors take possession of 40%, Assoc. Prof. take possession of 25%, Prof. take possession of 5%).

b. Training:

  • Ensure that the learners are equipped with professional knowledge, skills and improve the quality of professional ethics to get the output standard as pledged, including: professional competencies, foreign language capabilities, information technology capabilities, social skills, career skills, integration skills.
  • 100% of the training programs according to the international standard and each course has special subject of studying abroad, which take possession of 50% of high quality, to meet the needs of the labor market inside and outside the country.
  • Implement CDIO, harmony/positive methods, and application of technology in education.

c. Scientific research and international cooperation research program:

  • 4 Research programs: (1) South East-Southern key economic zone, (2) Smart City-Binh Duong, (3) Urban agriculture – High quality, (4) Quality of education.
  • Mobilize 70% officers-lecturers, 70% students, 100% postgraduate students in science research; Every year, we will proclaim with the internationality 50 scientific articles, 300 articles have domestic scientific scores, preside 20 province, ministry, state topics and 100 school topics.
  • Apply and transfer the results of scientific research and technological development; Build the high-tech incubators and take form the scientific and technological enterprises; Build and implement the investment-development projects, research capacity development projects.
  • Construct the information system of scientific and technological activities: improve the quality of magazines, scientific information, take form of Science magazines by English and Science data Centers.
  • The Publishing Faculties of Sciences supplements of the sectors, fields.
  • Build international credibility in the field of CDIO, AUN and science research.

d. System organization:

  • Build and develop the system of organization and personnel according to university-2 level model (Thu Dau Mot University, the universities of: Economics, Engineering and Technology, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Sciences Management, Pedagogy), orient application and university 4.0.
  • Take form of the force of staffs, lecturers, researchers, reached the quality standard with framework: 30% of Doctors, 30% of Professor, Assoc. Prof.
  • Build the workflow, make sure the systematic quality and university management (1 Head, 2 Deputy Heads of Faculty).

e. University autonomy in the year 2020:

  • Self-reliance and having responsibility for performing the tasks of training and scientific research, organizing the system of personnel, finance, investment ...
  • Complete the legal basis: organization, working regulation, occupations, strategy, implementation plan, and policy of encouragement of human development.  
  • Cary out the task of School Council under the provisions of the Law on higher education.

f. Infrastructure: Invest completely 2 foundations: Tran Van On-Thu Dau Mot City Please and foundations in My Phuoc Town, Thoi Hoa, Ben Cat District.

g. Build the culture of Thu Dau Mot University:

  • Construct the standard system of the cultural on the operation sides.
  • Construct a healthy cultural environment (education, communication, behavior, dress code ...).

The School development strategy to the year 2030 will be announced officially after summarizing the before strategy. At the meeting, the Rector also suggested the units to focus in the preparation for the new school year, such as: Complete the work of enrollment and open the new school year; Complete the work related to the external evaluation; Focus on completing the requirements to meet the requirement to respond the AUN audit in 4 sectors in the progress; Improve the training methods under the new forms; Design the outlines of the subjects in according to AUN standards ; Get opinions to select a new logo for the University, ...  

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep presented the school development strategy to the year 2030


Editorial Department