In the morning of March 23, 2016, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Hiep-President of Thu Dau Mot University welcomed and worked with Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, to exchange the opportunities for cooperation between the two schools in general and the direction of building the smart city project. 

Introduced briefly about the development history of the School, the Associate Professor believed that after almost 7 years of establishment and development, currently, the potential of School was steady to meet the needs of connection between the domestic and foreign research units on the fields of technology, engineering, especially in the Faculty of Information Technology, Architecture-Urban, Electric-Electronic and Construction. In the Smart City Conference, which was recently celebrated in Ho Chi Minh City by Binh Duong Province and the Consulate of the Netherlands, the Associate Professor was impressed by the report of Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy. His presentation suggested many ideas for the coming directions of research of the School as well as joined together to build a "good city of life".

To open the speech, Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy had praises and appreciations for the Information Technology students of the School, when they won the first prize in the Hackathon Smart City Programming Contest. With experiences in researching and deploying of technological projects to improve the quality of life in the Netherlands, the Doctor was very willing to cooperate with Vietnamese scientists to carry out some appropriate projects. He said that every country had different natural and social conditions, so we could not apply the model of this place for other places; it required to study deeply to have suitable options. He suggested that the first steps before starting the construction of the project were choosing a deployment location and determining what "smart" applications we wanted to have. Next, we should set up the network of universities, which had corresponding research capacities; had straight and clear exchanges with the authorities to have the navigation, timely support policies and whether it was necessary to combine the three models (School-State-Enterprise) to execute the project comprehensively and effectively. About the partnership of both sides, the Doctor said he was willing to link the two schools, starting with the formation of the Smart City project and proceeding to deepen the cooperation relationship in various fields.

At the end of the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Hiep, directly assigned to the leader of the Faculty of Information Technology, combined with the Faculty of Architecture-Urban, Electric-Electronic and Construction to promote some necessary steps for the establishing of researching and training partnerships between the two schools.

The Leaders of School and Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy are exchanging deeply about the cooperation ability between both sides.

Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy is visiting and learning about the study and research environment at School.

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