After contacting and working session between leaders of two schools about united training forms for information technology in October 2015, recently, on March 1, 2016, Prof. Kevin G.Kerby – Dean of Informatics Department of Northern Kentucky University visited and worked with school leadership, lecturers and students of Information Technology (IT) Department.

Exchanging at the meeting, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep welcomes and thanks Prof. Kevin G.Kerby for visiting and working with the Thu Dau Mot University . He affirmed, school leadership would facilitate for cooperation between two schools to achieve the highest efficient, firstly open opportunity to cooperate training specialized IT and other majors in the future, aims to impulsion a good and sustainable relationship between two schools.

After the discussion and agreement with the united training 3 + 1, Prof.G Kerby worked and detailed exchanged for training program Information Technology Department leadership. According to this, Northern Kentucky University would accept the credits that students were learnt at the Thu Dau Mot University , and continue to learn other modules at Northern Kentucky University. Starting school year of 2016 – 2017, two schools will together deploy teaching pilot three major subjects for second and third year students by online teaching form that lecturers of Northern Kentucky University assume.

In addition, along with the training cooperation, expectation in the coming period Northern Kentucky University will have training syllabus to enhance knowledge and skills for the Thu Dau Mot University ’s lecturers group at Northern Kentucky University. Besides, Prof.G Kerby wishes to cooperate to organize short term programs for students of Northern Kentucky University come to learn and find out about Vietnam as well as exchange with students of the Thu Dau Mot University .

When meeting students of Information Technology Department, Prof.G Kerby overview introduced about Northern Kentucky University, information about information technology. He also answered questions of students about academic quality that two schools built tuition as well as information about scholarship and employment opportunities after graduate.

Leaders of two schools exchange about cooperation form


Prof. G Kerby detailed works with leaders of Information Technology Department