On 30/1/2018, Prof. Kim Jinwoo-Head of International cooperation, visited and worked with the School to promote cooperative agreement in the program of technical software Engineers training. To welcome the Delegation, we had Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-Rector, with the leaders of Training, International cooperation, Science and Technology Faculties. 

Promote to develop Software engineering-Game development

To introduce about Chung-Kang University, Prof. Kim Jinwoo said, the University was founded in 1918, originally was a kindergarten belonging to the Catholic monastery system and became a female school to train preschool teachers in 1922. Until 1953, the School officially licensed to become Chung-Kang University and constantly developed the quality as well as the reputation of its higher education throughout more than 50 years. This is a general private university so the training ology of the School should is very diverse, including Computer science, Medicine, Arts, Law, Sciences-Humanities and Business administration. For the Computer science, Chung-Kang School is appreciated for training quality, the School’s expert team has good experiences in construction, engineering software frame design program-Game development. Through curriculum, majors and degrees learning of Thu Dau Mot University, Chung-Kang University found that the two Schools have many similarities regarding the needs of expanding development of Engineering software –Game development.  Prof.  expressed the desire to deploy the lecturer, student exchange programs, , academic exchanges, cultural exchanges, and in the future will expand the cooperation programs of linking Computer science training in general and in engineering software - Game development ology in particular.

To respond, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, sincerely thanked Chung-Kang University because of selecting Thu Dau Mot University as an education development partner, at the same time, he highly recommended the request to cooperated in Engineering Software-Game development disciplines. He also shared that Thu Dau Mot University were implementing Software engineering training programs and Information systems for undergraduate and graduate students. The curriculum framework was designed and built on the views taken the learners as the center, to help the learners develop creative ability maximum, good at foreign languages proficiency, expertise, flexible adaptation with the work environment in and outside the country. In the route of disciplines development of Information technology, the School advocated extending the code training for engineering software-game development industries. He hoped that Thu Dau Mot University would be a strategic partner, is the focal point of receiving developing projects in the training cooperation programs of engineer software -game development of Chung-Kang University in Vietnam.

In the framework of the contact sessions, the two Sides agreed to type proposals promoting the affiliate program of engineering software-game development training according to the form (2 + 2) or (3 + 1); lecturer exchange; experience sharing. Accordingly, in the school year 2017-2018, Chung-Kang University would send expert delegation to open the training courses, aimed to exchange and share the experience of developing the training program of engineer software -game development. At the same time, they committed to support Thu Dau Mot University to develop Information technology application in education; strengthen support for the exchange of Computer sciences research in the staff of lecturer.

Lecturer-Student connections, cultural exchange

With the aim of “globalization of education” to link the academic and cultural exchanges, at the meeting, the two Sides also discussed some emphasis programs connect students of two Schools in the student exchange activities, language exchange, cultural exchange to create a positive and open exercise environment, which would help people learn to enjoy advanced and qualified education; at the same time, to promote national understanding, get cultural experiences  of the two Countries, Vietnam and South Korea. In addition, the agreement also aimed to open up the opportunity for graduate students, and University’s  lecturers of Thu Dau Mot University to attend postgraduate programs or advanced studies in Computer science at Chung-Kang University.

Unified the agreement, in the upcoming time, the two Schools would attempt to deploy drafted the terms of cooperation toward the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), to create the legal basis promoting the affiliate model engineering software training-Game development in particular, at the same time, to strengthen the collaborative  long-term  and sustainable relationship, diverse public of educational activities between the two Schools; thereby contribute to the training of human resources with good expertise, ambitions and enthusiasm to work, to meet the needs of employers for the students when they had graduated.


The two leaders of the School discussed the cooperation program of the Engineering software -Game development major

Unified the agreement, in the upcoming time, the two Schools would attempt to deploy drafted the terms of cooperation toward the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU)


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