Welcomed and worked with the Delegation, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-School Council President, Dr. Ngo Hong Diep-Vice Rector, with the leadership of Training Office, Science Office, Quality assurance, Finance planning. About Tien Giang University, there were Dr. Le Huu Hai-Deputy Rector, Dr. Le Quang Tri- Deputy Rector, representatives of Offices, Departments and Faculties.

Spoke at the opening of the meeting, Dr. Le Huu Hai sent appreciate thanks for the enthusiasm welcome of the School for the Delegation. Exchange about the topics of the business trip, Dr. Le Tu Hai shared, in the routes of improving the training quality, Tien Giang University was implementing pilot training program designed for the Information technology and Processed foods sectors, under CDIO proposal. However, the deployment process had difficult, embarrassing and could not achieve expectations. Reportedly, Thu Dau Mot University was one of the typical institution of Vietnam and CDIO network, which were more active in organizing worldwide CDIO, Tien Giang University eagered to get the sharing, consultation, support in CDIO implementation into the process of building, designing the training program; the way to connect, join CDIO organization; some issues revolve around the work of University management; renovation of teaching methods ...

In response to the suggestion of Tien Giang University leadership, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep took time to share about the determination to pursue the initiative to proposed CDIO, at the same time to review the deployment process applied CDIO spirit in building training program of the School. Assoc. Prof stressed, the elements of the implementation process were from the determination and agreement of the leadership,  lectures, staffs and students; from these high determination and strong encouragement , helped the research, implement and apply the proposed CDIO to overcome the obstacles and be successful. Besides, the conditions of the facilities, infrastructure, and financial resources were important factors that contributed for the success. Assoc. Prof asserted, as one of the members of the worldwide CDIO Association, which got experiences through the deployment process  so Thu Dau Mot University was willing to share experiences, support to help Tien Giang University remove the difficulties as well as help the school quickly join CDIO Association; contributed along with the University and other schools to support each other, connected the CDIO network in Vietnam.

Shared at the meeting, Dr. Ngo Hong Diep-Vice Rector in charge of training, had many deep exchanges about the deployment process applies the spirit of CDIO in training program design; challenges, obstacles may be encountered in the implementation process; the way to connect and experience to join the worldwide CDIO of the School. Dr said that, to be able to deploy the CDIO into reality, each unit needed to build the plan spread knowledge about CDIO to all the units in order to create determination to do in the School. Simultaneously, prepared the necessary resources and set out strict steps from the early stages of the process of CDIO implementing; proceed to invite CDIO consulting experts and the Organizations of conferences, seminars, CDIO training courses. Especially, in the process of deployment, deployed simultaneously to both domestic and foreign activities: on the one hand to introduce images of School to other CDIO members in the world via the international conferences, the annual conferences in the areas; on the other hand, participated in operation process of CDIO applying, the staffs should seriously study, learn, explore and implement the spirit of the proposal to be suit for the conditions of each industry group, specialist ...

In the framework of the meeting, the functional units of 2 Schools openly shared knowledge, experience in implementing the teaching methods of positive harmony; scientific research activities, and technology transfer; public works management; inspection of education according to the AUN-QA standard; the model of smart university training which was implemented by Thu DauMot University...


Leaders of the two sides exchanged about the process of implementing CDIO proposal

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep shared about the determination to pursue the initiative proposed CDIO, at the same time review the deployment process applied CDIO spirit to build the school's training program

Dr. Le Huu Hai sincerely thanked the help of Thu Dau Mot University fỏ the delegation

The delegation of the two schools took souvenir pictures

The delegation visited to study about teaching and learning environment at Thu Dau Mot University

The delegation learned the products of school's science research.