On the morning of August 18, 2020, the National University of Hanoi and the Southeast Asian University Network (ASEAN University Network - AUN) co-organized the international seminar "Comparing the quality of higher education" and introduced a comparative ranking system developed by Vietnam called "University Performance Metrics" (UPM). The workshop also conducted important content to announce the results of comparative ratings and star ratings for the first time for 30 educational institutions in Vietnam and ASEAN.

In the group of application-oriented universities, the universities with the highest level of 4 stars include Thu Dau Mot University, Diplomatic Academy, Foreign Trade University, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Quy Nhon University, and University of West Visayas (Philippines). In the group of research-oriented universities, the schools with the highest level are 5 stars, including Hanoi National University, Hanoi University of Technology, University of Technology - Hanoi National University, Kasestar University (Thailand) , University of Science - VNU Hanoi.

UPM is a product implemented by a group of experts from Hanoi National University under the sponsorship of the National Educational Science Program, chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training. The UPM star rating is based on 8 groups of domains and 54 criteria. Each criterion has its own benchmark and weight with a total point of 1000 points. Specifically: Strategic management - 5 criteria, accounting for 6%; Training - 15 criteria, accounting for 35%; Research - 4 criteria, accounting for 20%; Innovation - 4 criteria, accounting for 11%; Innovative ecosystem - 4 criteria, accounting for  6%; IT and digital resources - 10 criteria, accounting for 10%; Level of internationalization - 9 criteria, accounting for 6%; Community service - 3 criteria, accounting for 6%. Each criterion in each field is compared with the benchmark and star. Therefore, UPM can both help identify the whole, but also analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each activity, each field of the higher education institution. From there, the system can provide schools with a basic set of indicators, serving as a strategic management tool, and supporting quality accreditation.

Speaking at the seminar, Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti - CEO Network of Southeast Asian Universities - AUN believes that UPM's standards and indicators system will be used as a tool not only to help Self-aligning and quality-regulating universities but also one of the bases for AUN to strengthen and expand its network. He congratulated Vietnam and Hanoi National University for initially crossing national borders to contribute to the development of the higher education system in the region, via the UPM system.

Previously, in December 2019, Thu Dau Mot University also conducted an external evaluation of 4 training programs with AUN-QA standards and met all 4 standards.