This Conference attracted 193 representatives of 57 Universities come from 13 countries around the world. The organization board had chosen 13 speakers come from the member universities in the Associat From 12 to 14/3/2018, the delegation of Thu Dau Mot University, with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Tuan Anh-Vice President as the Head of delegation, attended the annual meeting of the CDIO Conference in the Asian region in 2018, organized at Duy Tan University, Da Nang.

ion to present the practical essays on innovation and creativity in the field of education, techniques such as Artificial intelligence, Automation ... The Conference also attracted hundreds of students participate in the work of creative experience as CDIO initiative through the contest CDIO Academy.

Thu Dau Mot University shared the experiences to increase the capacity of lecturers and to meet CDIO

With real experiences in pursuing and implementing CDIO from 2011, the Delegation of Thu Dau Mot University had the papers to share experiences to increase the teaching capacity and create motivation of the lecturers to change, aimed to change the culture of teaching and learning at the School according to the philosophy of harmony-positive. The detailed and full of enthusiasm sharing of the School had attracted the interest of educators, scholars around the world, who were eager to connect, cooperate with Thu Dau Mot University.

The Conference is celebrated every year by CDIO members, the main spirit of annual Conferences are to create opportunity for the members of CDIO Association in the region and help the educators to share best practical experiences in the innovation, creativity about technology, education, as well as the achievements attained during the application process CDIO initiative. With that spirit, the essay of Thu Dau Mot University showed their voice and positive role of the Association members in contributing, sharing the School’s initiatives for other members in the Asia CDIO Network.

In parallel with the events of the program, Thu Dau Mot University had bilateral contacts with the Executive Board of the Association and the other Universities in the Asia CDIO network to exchange experiences, intensive cooperation in preparation for the work of hosting the annual CDIO 2021 Conference  at Thu Dau Mot University in Binh Duong Province.

Thu Dau Mot University students introduce innovative technology products

Along with the annual CDIO Conference of Asian, this was also the first year that the activities of introducing the innovative Engineering Science products  (CDIO Academy Contest) for students were held. The products at the Contest as the result of the learning process according to CDIO training model of the Universities in the Asian region.

Attended the CDIO Academy 2018, there were 16 teams from the Universities in Asia area, of which there were 18 international students and 22 Vietnamese students. Thu Dau Mot University students attended the contest with two models: Emergency Notification System model, and iVisitor model.  The students were confidently presented their products with educational experts and scientists from the Universities in the region. Their idea had attracted the attention of the experts and also received many useful suggestions to complete the product more.

CDIO Association was founded in 2000 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT (USA). So far, the network of the Universities applied CDIO all over the world is increasingly extended, especially in the US and Northern Europe. There are now more than 125 Universities in the world apply CDIO initiation, aim to innovate the teaching method and improve the quality of training. In Vietnam, there were 5 Universities were admitted as the members of CDIO Association, including: National University of Ho Chi Minh City, Duy Tan University, Thu Dau Mot University, Da Lat University and FPT University.

Thu Dau Mot University Delegation took photos with CDIO operating members all over the world


Dr. Luong Thi Hong Gam CDIO Gam presented the essay about the increasing of the teaching capacity for the lecturers at Thu Dau Mot University


The Students of the Faculty of Engineering-Technology attend the CDIO Academy 2018


TDMU EMS (Emergency Notification System)-one of the 2 products of the students of Thu Dau Mot University-attracted the attention of scientists. This is the system that helps people reflect directly the emergency information such as traffic accidents, environmental pollution, forest fires, etc to the responsible agencies and units in the fastest way. At the same time, it also can provide the necessary statistics report to help the agencies and units easily follow the security issue, which helps the State agencies approach, timely resolve, ensure safety, and improve the life quality of the people. The products are applied new technologies as Firebase realtime Database, Angula Framework, Natural Processing Language API, Android ...

Duc Loc-Hong Gam