The article published in Tien Phong newspaper on April 25, 2020 has the system of Top 50 educational institutions with the best international publication in Vietnam in 2019. Accordingly, the data was last updated on 1/2 / 2020 on the Scopus scientific database system, there are 256 international universities, universities, institutes, colleges, and research institutes in Vietnam having international publications. Thu Dau Mot University ranked 27th, up 15 places compared to 2018.

In 2018, the school ranked 42nd, which is also the first year Thu Dau Mot university was in the top 50 schools in Vietnam with the most international publication. The remarkable progress to the 27th position in the latest statistics continues to affirm the effectiveness of Thu Dau Mot university's policy on scientific research. Not only encourages and motivates scientists and lecturers to work better, but the University also organizes many quality national and international seminars, create academic forums for the lecturers, scientists of the University to self-improve the capacity.

Recognizing the capacity of the University's lecturers, scientists, Binh Duong province has chosen Thu Dau Mot University as the place to build the Laboratory / Experiment (Fablab) in the field of biotechnology - which supports research projects for scientists, students in the whole province. The Thu Dau Mot university also receives the trust of trustworthy units to build a centralized data center with a high-performance computer system, build the modern practice rooms, labs to meet the learning and research needs of students.

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