On 11/5/2018, Thu Dau Mot University cooperated with the University of Science of Malaysia organized a seminar with the theme "International travel: the way of the cultural connection between the provinces and the community of Vietnam and Malaysia”; and signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between the Institute for strategy development-Thu Dau Mot University and Tourism Development Research Institute-Science University of Malaysia.


International Conference “International travel: the way of the cultural connection between the provinces and the community of Vietnam and Malaysia” attracted many scholars of Vietnam and Malaysia.

The workshop gathered 120 articles of the researchers, managers, officials and lecturers, students from the universities, institutes inside and outside the country such as: Thu Dau Mot University, University of Social sciences and Humanities (National University, HCMC), Saigon University, HCM University of Culture, Institute of Social sciences of the region of South-American-Academy of Social science in Vietnam, University of Science in Malaysia, Seberang Perai Polytechnic University, Help Kuala Lumpur University... The contents of the articles focused to introduce the potential of tourism in Binh Duong Province, the Eastern provinces of south-east area (Vietnam) and Penang City (Malaysia); at the same time, gave the solutions to support the Departments of Binh Duong Province and Penang City in the reception of tourists to Vietnam to learn the country of Malaysia, as well as the visitors from Muslim nations to Binh Duong and Vietnam also.

Spoke at the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-Council President of Thu Dau Mot University highlighted the good friendship relations between the two countries of Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as the potentiation of tourism in Binh Duong Province, the Provinces of the South-east area and Penang City (Malaysia). However, the local tourism potentiation wasn’t  exploited efficiently, we could point out many causes of the unsuccessful foreign guests’ attraction, such as the unprofessional teams, uncompleted physical facilities, among of them, the work of the media, international connection with of Binh Duong had not been focused. Therefore, this Seminar would provide opportunities for researchers, managers of Vietnam, Malaysia to exchange the issues of sustainable tourism development, resource exploitation strategy, policy formulation, development cooperation and to deal with the risks; as well as the contribution of specific solutions for the conservation of heritage, technology development, travel promotion between the provinces and communities of the two countries. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep said, in addition to discuss the topic of the workshop, the event also made significant contribution in the cooperated relationship promotion in the training and collaboration between the two Schools, created opportunities for exchanges of the scholars, shared ideas in training and scientific research.

Emphasized on the importance of the Workshop’s theme, Prof. Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed-Director of Malaysia Tourist Research Development Institute asserted, the theme of the workshop attracted the interest of many scholars from Malaysia, and the schools in Vietnam. The research results contributed to give solutions for the math how to promote tourism development in the cities of the two countries. The recommendations from the researchers contributed to help the management agencies to see the solutions to develop the travel network between the Southeast provinces of Vietnam and Malaysia, to ensure the harmony between the interests of the natural environment, economy, and the cultural identity. In particular, prof. Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed expressed his high agreement for Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, when hw highlighted the purpose of the meeting was not just limited in this travel seminar but also towards to the other large objectives in the ducation of the two schools. The Prof. trusted, the Conference would be the first important milestone for cooperation between the two schools in the future.


Based on the content of the Conferences, the Organization Committee arranged 16 presented essays at 2 professional Subcommittees. Specifically:

The Subcommittee 1 had the theme “Hold the travel space”. The essays expressed about the tourism potentiation of the two locations where Thu Dau Mot University and the Science University of Malaysia were active: Binh Duong Province and the Penang City (The city was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage city) and the regions around Binh Duong Province as Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai Province. They were the cultural heritages, architectures and attractions such as the craft villages, the entertainment centers, the natural heritages, especially the introduction of the beauty of Islamic architecture and Islamic communities of Malaysia for Vietnamese visitors, and in contrast, they were also the Buddhist architecture such as the temples, pagodas, Vietnam's villages for Malaysian tourists. In addition, the participants also discussed the different tourism markets in Southeast Asia as well as the tendency of growth of Muslim tourists in Vietnam.


The Subcommittee 2 with the theme “Culture and the community in tourism” focused on analyzing of motivating visitors to Malaysia to Vietnam; Opportunities and South East tourism development in the context of integration; The problem of developing tourism in Binh Duong in the linking environment; the issue of preserving the source and identity through the study of heritage languages in George Town, Penang. At the same time, the rapporteurs also introduced the needed recommendations for functional departments of the Province, as well as the private businesses in the preparation to welcome tourists, coming from the countries with the large of Muslims as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.


After an intensive working day, the student researches, the results of the study were announced at the workshop, contributed practically in both of the sense of academic arguments, and impractical for finding out the way cultural connection between the , and the community of Vietnam and Malaysia; at the same time, contributed to promote to expand the exchanges, cooperation in the field of education between Thu Dau Mot University and the Universities, Institutes of Malaysia, such as University of Science, in Malaysia, Seberang Perai Encyclopaedic Univeristy, Help Kuala Lumpur University ...


The Signing ceremony of agreement between the Strategy development Institute-Thu Dau Mot University and the Tourism Development Research Institute-University of Science in Malaysia


In the framework of the Conference, the delegates witnessed the Signing ceremony of the cooperation documents about the action program between the Strategy development Institute of Thu Dau Mot University and the Research institute of Tourism development of the University of Science in Malaysia. According to the memo terms, the two School would proceed to organize the training courses with international certificate about the tourism skills, environment, climate change and urban planning,… This training program was not only for the lecturers, students, but also for the government officials, enterprises of Binh Duong Province. In addition, the two Schools would coordinate to organize the scholars, students exchange programs, the international Conferences, the programs of cooperation in scientific research through the projects and the release of publications.


Malaysia University of Science was one of the most prestigious public universities in Malaysia; in the ranking, the School stood on the second, behind the National Synthesis University of Kuala Lumpur and was belonged the group of 200 excellent Universities of Asia. Thu Dau Mot University was the largest public University of Binh Duong Province. Now, the University had a large team of scientists including 20 professors, 120 doctors and 500 master. The School trained more than 15,000 undergraduate students and more than 1,000 postgraduate students. One of the main development orientations of the School was international integration; bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the other universities and research institutes in the region and all over the world, from which defined the position of Thu Dau Mot University in the network of International Universities. Therefore, the idea of organizing an international seminar on the theme “International travel: The way to connect the culture between the provinces. capitals and the community of Vietnam and Malaysia” organized by Thu Dau Mot University and Malaysia University was a critical milestone in the development of friendship and cooperation between the two organizations and would orientate for the cooperation, especially in the field of research, event organization  and the publication of scientific publications in the future.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep spoke at the opening of the Ceremony


Prof. Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed emphasized the meaning of workshop celebration, and confirmed the good cooperation relationship in the future between the two schools


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep received the gift from prof. Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed and the Malaysia University’s lecturers


The Subcommittee 1 with the theme “Hold the travel space”.


The Scholars came from Malaysia University presented the essays at the Subcommittee 1


The Subcommittee 2 with the theme “Culture and the community in tourism”


The Scholars came from Malaysia University presented the essays at the Subcommittee 2


The Signing ceremony of agreement between the Strategy development Institute-Thu Dau Mot University and the Tourism Development Research Institute-University of Science in Malaysia

The Delegates took souvenir pictures at the workshop


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