Participated in this year's award, the Organizing Committee received 205 registered topics, with 485 students from 08 faculties. From the results of assessment and acceptance at the Faculty level, the Scientific Council selected 41 topics to participate in the Prize “Young Science Talent of Thu Dau Mot University” 7th time - 2019. The topics were classified into 05 areas: Humanities Social Sciences (08 topics); Natural Science (02 topics); Technology (20 topics); Educational Science (05 topics); Economics (06 topics). As a result, the Organizing Committee awarded two first prizes, five second prizes, 25 third prizes, and 07 consolation prizes for quality topics. In which, 02 topics of Natural Sciences ology won the first prize, that was, the topic “Study on the application of coke modified from Maccadamia shell and modified by H2O2 to process methylene blue color” carried out by the group Students Le Hoang Danh, Ly Thi Nguyen Trang, and Quach Van, under the guidance of Dr. Dao Minh Trung; the topic “Influence of culture environment on the formation of Snow fruiting bodies (Isaria tenuipes)” carried out by the group of Students Pham Thi Dieu Thien, Le Thi Ngoc, Huynh Nhat Toan, under the guidance of MSc. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi.


The annual Science student festival became an important academic forum for student groups to present their research results, exchange and discuss with teachers, scientists and businessmen; get experiences in the process of directly participating in research.


In the framework of the Festival, the Organizing Committee also introduced to students Vietnam Start-up Wheel contest. In particularly, the Seminar on sharing about start-up subject - From scientific research to commercialization ; the policies to support the scientific research projects carried out by the students, presented by Truong Ly Hoang Phi - General Director of Vintech City, was attracted the attention and the exchange of many lecturers and students.


Through the 7-year journey of organizing Student Science Festival, the results of scientific research activities of Thu Dau Mot University students have been developing constantly and rising every year. Accordingly, 2012 was the start of the research activities of the students with 78 registered topics, and 205 topics by 2018. The quality of students' research has been gradually improved and confirmed through the results of participating in the competitions outside School. Specifically, students won 01 Ministerial Third prize-Vietnam Young Science Talent Award 2014; 02 Consolation prizes at Eu reska contest 2015; 10 prizes for Scientific Research Competition for students in Binh Duong Province in the academic year 2014 - 2015;

01 Consolation prize for Scientific Innovation Contest of Binh Duong Province in 2013 - 2015; 01 Third Prize, 02 Ministerial Consolation prizes- 2017 Science Research Student Award 2017; 03 Third prizes, 03 Ministerial Consolation prizes in 2018; 14 scientific articles of students were published in the domestic journals.

The Scientific research products attracted the attention of many students

The booths exhibited the research products of the Natural science department

Research results were presented in the form of posters