The final round of the competition took place from July 25 to 27, 2020 at My Dinh National Convention Center - Hanoi. The competition "Eco driving - Honda fuel saving" - Honda Eco Mileage Challenge (EMC) 2020 organized by Honda Vietnam. This is a useful playground that encourages the creative spirit of Vietnamese youth in researching and manufacturing environmentally friendly transport products. With the challenge "How many kilometers can you go with 1 liter of gasoline?", The contest teams will research and apply innovative ideas and unique technology to Honda's 4-stroke engine to create competition in terms of fuel efficiency, traveling the longest distances with just 1 liter of gasoline. In the final round, each team will run 08 laps with a total distance of 9.5 km with an average speed of at least 25 km/h and an average time of 22 minutes 24 seconds. Fuel consumption efficiency (km/liter) is calculated based on practical fuel consumption and the team with the highest performance is the winner.

The TDMU-X contest team includes members from Electrical Engineering, Automotive Technology. Coming to this contest, participants have had impressive technology improvement research and competition, the achievements continuously improving in the two years of participating in the final round. In the Honda EMC 2019 competition, the team achievement was 48,438 grams of gasoline, ranked 34th; and this year, this achievement is 29,618 grams of gasoline which is equivalent to 233,994 km/1 liters of gasoline, ranking 22/168 participating teams.

Assembling and inspecting the vehicle after being transported to Hanoi

                                                                  Ready before departure

Members of the team are students who are passionate about researching and manufacturing in Electrical Engineering, Automotive Technology.