Established the South-East Research Institute

The South East University Research Institute was established to implement the strategy research of the School on the South-East area, contributed to bring information and create knowledge sources (monographs, reference books, scientific articles; information, census, survey, models ...) served the teaching and learning; at the same time to promote the perfection of the training program as a basis for the opening of the Southeast training code associated with the University at the undergraduate, postgraduate, helped Thu Dau Mot University made mission successfully, the goal of a key University in South-East.

With the Decision of the Institute establishment, School leadership announced the decision to appoint the key personnel of the Institute. Specifically: appointed Mr. Luong Huy Can to hold the position as the Director, appointed Mr. Pham Van Thinh-Journal editor for Deputy Director.

Merged 2 Faculties: Architecture and Urban Construction into the Faculty of Building-Architecture

With the goal of developing comprehensively capacity and quality of the learners, integrated knowledge and skills to provide interdisciplinary team of engineers-architects who had good capabilities to respond effectively the needs of the labor market in the field of construction and architecture, the School decided to merge 2 Faculties Architecture and Urban Construction into the Faculty of Building-Architecture. In the upcoming development strategy, the Faculty had to build the program in the direction of integration related subjects consistent with the requirements of industry practices, contributed to human resource training in the advanced level to afford good duties required of employers. To help the Faculty have effective operation, School leadership have recruited and appointed to leadership positions. Specifically: appointed Mr. Nguyen Huynh Tan Tai to hold the position as the Head of Faculty; appointed Mr. Pham Minh Son, Mr. Phan Thanh Nhan and Mrs. Tran Thi Thuy Nga for Deputy-Heads of the Faculty.

Appointed personnel for Faculty of Chinese language and the Inspection office

In order to control the entire operation of the Faculty of Chinese Language and the Inspection office, in this occasion, the School leadership also undertook to appoint the key position for 2 units. In particular, with the Faculty of Chinese Language, appointed Ms. Mai Thu Hoai as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty; appointed Mr. Bui Duc Anh-Head-Deputy Head of National Cooperation Faculty. With the Inspection office, appointed Mr. Nguyen Van Tien as the Head Office.

Speaking at the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, congratulated the personnel, who were trusted by the School leadership and assigned mission. He believed that the leadership of the units with the Faculty officers would continue to be gathered the intelligence, the creativity, solidarity and cooperation in order to continue to grow, seize the opportunity, overcome the difficulties and promote the quality of training, the school's science research to new levels, contributed to the successful implementation of the mission of human resource training for the quality and for the whole society.

In response to the trust and expectations of the School leadership, the individuals who were appointed to the new position, would promote the work abilities, the spirit of solidarity and cooperation in order to implement effectively the objectives, followed the successes achieved in the past several years and developed Thu Dau Mot University.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep – The Rector gave Decision to appoint lecturers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep- The Rector spoke at the working session

Dr. Nguyen Huynh Tan Tai-Head of Building-Architecture stated to receive the responsibility