From the early morning of February 27, 2016, thousands of students and parents attended the advisory program for examination season 2016, which was held by the Youth Newspaper and the Ministry of Education & Training at the Convention and Exhibition Center in New City of Binh Duong Province.

This year, the festival attracted more than 50 universities-colleges to participate and organize their stalls. The consultative area of the Thu Dau Mot University was decorated eye-catchingly and tidily, along with the participation of the representatives of every faculty, they advisee, answered the questions of the students. The student’s questions were around the enrolled professions, the standard marks of previous year, the pass proportion and the favorable conditions when they learning at school. For that, the notable advantage of the Thu Dau Mot University is an important public university in Binh Duong Province, multidisciplinary training to meet social needs, with a team of experienced lecturers, the advanced training programs are always updated to the international standards. In the admissions season 2016, the Thu Dau Mot University admission engaged 22 university professions based on the results of the national high school graduation exams according to the combinations of subjects, and organizing talent exams for the majors that have asked the special aptitudes.


Come to the exhibition stall this year, the students are very interested in the products made by the lecturers, students of the school, such as the finished products of Lingzhi mushroom and the process of mushrooms culture medium, the product of Cordyceps Roberti glue. Many students are interested to learn how to design and operate the wastewater treatment system, as well as the architectural model of the urban architecture students.

In this afternoon, the activities to ask and answer about the examination season 2016 were took place in the great hall and were broadcasted directly on the BTV1 with the participation of experts in the Ministry of education and training, the representatives of universities, colleges in the country.


Particularly for the Thu Dau Mot University , to help the students approach easily to the training professions of school, as well as to get the exactly advices for the selection of the appropriate professions, the consulting team will continue to make the advisory program at many schools and provinces in March. In addition, they will make this program throughout the time at the Head office of the Enrolled Centre and the Labor Market. To have a timely support, the students and parents can call directly to the hotline: 06503.835677 or send information to this email address:


Some photos about the advisory program for examination season 2016:

The Thu Dau Mot University ’s stall attracts many students to visit and find out information.

The school lecturers are always ready to answer the questions of the students.

The students are excited about the clear and witty advices of the Deputy Director of Enrolled Centre and Labor Market.

The school lecturers consult the information about the training majors in 2016.

Each of students is also an enthusiastic advisor to help other students choose the appropriate professions.

The advisory program for examination season 2016 took place at the Tran Van On High School (Thuan An Town-Binh Duong Province)

The high school students in Thuan An town are very interested in the enrolled professions in 2016 of the school.

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