About Us


1. Identify:
School name:
- Vietnamese: Truong Dai Hoc Thu Dau Mot
  Acronym: DH TDM
- English: Thu Dau Mot University
  Acronym: TDMU
Type of school:   Public school
Governing organization:   The People's Committee of Binh Duong Province
The toponymies explain Thu Dau Mot is a pairing phrase: Thu Dau, Mot. Thu-as the   sound of Han-Vietnamese means keeping, controlling, which talked about a military post guards a land, also could talk about a top location, the capital of an administrative unit; Dau is the name of a typical herb of the land. Mot is a big (only) ricinus, grows up over the land, next to the military post.
At first, Thu Dau Mot was a geographical name of a large location at the river basins: Be River, Dong Nai River, Saigon River, Thi Tinh River (the total Binh An of Nguyen Dynasty), then it was the geographical name to call small administrative units of Thu Dau Mot (1869), Thu Dau Mot Province (1899). The former land-Thu Dau Mot had important strategic position for the completely Southeast region. In the economic and social conversion of modern life, Thu Dau Mot land had many administrative changes such as merged into the Thu Bien Capital (1945-1954) or split into Binh Duong (1956), then merged into Binh Phu, Song Be Province and backed into Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc Province (1997). The name Thu Dau Mot is not only a geographical name which recorded history marks through hundreds of years, but also as a symbol of culture and development, a big history and culture value of Binh Duong Province, and the South-east area.
2. History and development:
The University was formerly known as Binh Duong Pedagogy College - a prestigious pedagogical training institution of Binh Duong province, providing a team of professional lecturers with expertise and dedication to the younger generation.
On June 24, 2009, Thu Dau Mot University was established under Decision No. 900/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister. Over 12 years of operation, the University has shaped itself as an applied multidisciplinary and multi-field university, with an advanced university model. With the philosophy of "Aspiration - Responsibility - Creativity", Thu Dau Mot University has affirmed its position as a leading institution in training and scientific researching, and is the representation of the intellectual power of Binh Duong province.
TDMU has become a member of the world CDIO organization since 2015. In 11/2017, the University was recognized to meet the National standard of education quality accreditation. In 12/2017, TDMU became an associate member of AUN network. By February 2022, TDMU has 4 training programs that meet AUN-QA standards, 11 programs that meet the quality accreditation standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. In 08/2020, the school achieved 4-star standard UPM (University Performance Metrics)
As of human resources, by January 2022, the university has 775 staffs and lecturers, includes 22 professors or associate professors, 135 PhDs, 557 masters. The University's structure includes the University Council, the Board of Directors, the Science and Training Council, 08 faculties, 14 departments, offices and 11 centers, and 05 institutes.
As of training activities, by June 2021, the university has 20,000 students and 1,000 graduate students studying and researching in 50 undergraduate programs, 11 post-graduate programs and 1 PhD program in fields such as Economics, Technology, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Pedagogy. The rate of employment right after graduation is over 85%, the rate of employment in economic sector and pedagogy sector is even higher; The percentage of students with part-time jobs in engineering and foreign languages is quite high.
As of scientific research, the main focus of the university is the Southeast of Vietnam – the Southern key economic region. Thu Dau Mot University is investing heavily in scientific research and technology transfer, focusing its researches on biotechnology, urban agriculture, education quality, smart cities, and smart schools. In 2021, TDMU was ranked 21st (among nearly 400 universities and research institutes in Vietnam) in terms of the total number of Scopus articles and 24th  (among 179 higher education institutions in Vietnam) according to the Webometrics rankings.
As of international relationship, TDMU is a partner in training and scientific research with 60 educational institutions around the world. The university signed the cooperation agreement to supply high-quality labor for foreign enterprises located in Binh Duong province. Since 2010, the University has received Lao students for training, performing as the role of the high quality education unit of Binh Duong province in supporting human resource training for Laos.

3. Training foundations:
Foundation at Thu Dau Mot City: No. 6, Tran Van On Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province. The campus of School is 6.74 hectares wide. This is the place for learning, studying of nearly 19.000 lecturers and students of School.
Foundation at Ben Cat Town: located at My Phuoc Industrial Zone, Ben Cat District, with an area of 57.6 hectares, which is constructed modernly and integrates many functions to serve the training, researching assignments of School effectively in the future.